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A is for America Letter Tracing Review by Cassie Deputie

50 States of Fun ABC Practice
Ulysses Press
PO Box 3440
Berkeley, CA 94703

Homeschooling my first three children seemed pretty easy when it came to writing. We picked a curriculum, and they took to it immediately and excelled. Then the fourth came around, and I still am struggling to find what works for him. He is uninterested in sitting down and doing much of anything academic unless it includes superheroes or shooting things with a gun! So, I gave A is for America Letter Tracing“a shot” with him (pun definitely intended) to help him grasp a better understanding of his letters and hopefully sharpen his fine motor skills.

A is for America Letter Tracing is a workbook laid out so each two-page spread focuses on one letter. The first two pages will be uppercase letter followed by the next two as the same lowercase letter. The lines for writing practice on each page are nice and wide for beginner writers. Each page has a fact about America that is associated with the letter of the page. For example, “h is for headdress” says that American Indian tribes in Kansas wear headdress for special ceremonies. There is then a large picture of whatever fact is being explained. In this case the photo is of an Indian with a headdress in black and white. This book only costs $6.95 which is an absolutely incredible price. It is intended for kids in preschool or early kindergarten.

I couldn’t believe how well my son transitioned to this tracing book! I’ve tried many tracing books over the years with my kids, and I typically have an issue with their binders or the paper quality. I had neither issue with this book. My older kids loved paging through it and reading the individual facts about our country, and I didn’t have to worry about it falling apart. Also, the quality of the tracing paper is perfect! It’s not too thin like so many tracing books I have found.

I was a bit concerned about the black and white pages since I didn’t believe it would grab my son’s attention and make him excited about doing his letter of the day. However, he loved getting his letter and learning about the fact that came with that letter. Turns out this black, white, and grey layout opened my son up to the opportunity to color the pictures in his book.

In my family, we are big history buffs, so we loved what this book had to offer.

When we do preschool, we typically take a letter or so a week, so we used this A is for America Letter Tracing book to go along with my son’s letter of the week. There is so much space on each page to practice that we were able to use each page over two-three days and then practiced the lower case letter the last two-three days of the week.

This letter tracing book FAR exceeded my expectations, and I was very honored to review it!

- Product review by Cassie Deputie, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2017