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Grammar Songs CD and Workbook Review by Nicole Coffman-Cole

Kathy Troxel
Audio Memory, Inc.
(800) 365-SING
Newport Beach, CA

Think back to when you were little. What was the first thing you learned? For most of you, the answer is the “ABC song,” of course! When you learned your ABCs, you learned them by singing them in that tune that we all know so well. Not only that, but you likely watched television shows that sang songs about shapes and numbers. Remember the Electric Company and Sesame Street? Most of us who grew up when the Electric Company was around learned a lot from those clever songs.

Even though the Electric Company may not be around anymore to help our kids learn through songs, we can still give our kids some fun songs to listen to and learn from.

Audio Memory has some wonderful CDs and DVDs that are filled with songs that will help your child learn important facts! They have songs for all ages to learn things from addition facts to geography.

One of their products is their Grammar Songs Kit, which comes with a CD, student workbook, and teacher’s guide. The songs on the CD will help you memorize parts of speech, grammar rules, and punctuation, as well as increasing vocabulary. It is recommended for grades 3 through 8 but, of course, can be good for older or younger students (or adults who want to refresh their memory!).

The first song on the CD is the “Verb Song,” and it comes in two versions, a singing sort of song and then a rap-type song. You can let your child pick which one they want to hear!

Regardless of which version they choose, the words to the Verb Song are the same, and it starts with“I’m running, jumping, singing—that’s because I am a verb. I’m hopping, dancing, ringing—that’s because I am a verb.” Later in the song it says, “Sometimes when I am doing something, it is in my head. The action isn’t physical; it’s in my mind instead.”

In addition to the verb song, the other songs teach about nouns, sentences, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, and more, for a total of 16 songs.

In the student workbook that comes with the CD, there are all the lyrics for the songs. There are also worksheets with exercises for each of the different songs to help the student apply the information learned in the songs.

The Teacher’s Guide has all the answers for the student workbook. It also has suggestions for activities and instructions for grammar games.

This CD and workbook could be a great addition to any household, whether homeschooled or not! I also feel it would be great in a group setting, like a co-op or enrichment-type homeschool program. It would be a popular class! (In fact, I am using it at our enrichment this next school year!)

-Product review by Nicole Coffman-Cole, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2017