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Shipwrecked but Not Lost Review by Amanda Hopkins

Hon. Mrs. Dundas
Lamplighter Publishing
Lamplighter Ministries International
25 State St.
Mount Morris NY 14510

Shipwrecked but Not Lost from Lamplighter Publishing takes us on a thrilling journey of fear, tension, and determination as we join two cousins on a perilous journey. During this journey, we learn about the character traits of faithfulness, responsibility, and courage.

As a homeschool mom, I am always on the lookout for great resources to build character in my children. A lot of what I find requires lots of printing or is geared toward the younger children in the house. Finding something for my oldest is always a struggle, but not anymore!

Lamplighter Publishing has made it their mission to print books of high quality that place an emphasis on character development and biblical insights. They have done just that with Shipwrecked but Not Lost, and knowing that this is geared toward ages 9-14 means this was a perfect fit for my oldest!

Alexia is raised in a house full of God and faith. Knowing God and having a strong foundation, Alexia and his cousin Ivan go off to school at the Naval College. While there, they both learn and desire to travel across the seas. After Naval College, both boys go back to Alexia’s father and live with him. He asked that they not leave on any ship, and he leaves to trade.

While he is away, the boys find a ship that is looking for help and looking to leave port soon. Ivan, who always has a mind to travel, decides he is going, but Alexia is struggling. He must decide to obey his father and wait, or follow his dreams of traveling. He finally gives in to the peer pressure and goes.

The boys are on board when the ship hits a storm and crashes. They find themselves stranded in the Arctic, and now they fear for their lives. The boys must find their faith and have trust in the unknown to make it through.

Shipwrecked but Not Lost was a book that was needed for my oldest son. We were able to spend time talking about the consequences of impatience, making rash choices, and following foolish counsel. We were also able to talk about having strong faith in God and courage when we must do something we would rather not.

While this was written before 1900, I was easily able to relate the struggles of these boys to struggles my own son is battling today. This made him become even more interested in the book. He was able to place himself into the shoes of the cousins and see how decisions he has made were similar, and how finding his way out of these decisions was also similar.

Lamplighter Publishing has stolen my heart! I am in love with the stories they tell and the lessons they teach! Finding books for my older son that teach lessons but still capture his imagination is no longer a struggle. I know where I will be going from now on!

-Product reviewed by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2017