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OGOBILD with AnimateIt! - Studio Kit (with camera) Review by Michelle Urdak

(Construction and Animation Set)
OgoSport, LLC
Brooklyn Navy Yard, Bldg. 3 Suite 408
63 Flushing Avenue, Unit 137
Brooklyn, NY 11205

My eight-year-old is a hands-on learner that loves being creative. Recently, he discovered stop-motion animation and has been checking out books from the library to learn all he can. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to review the OGOBILD with AnimateIt! - Studio Kit (with camera) with him. 

OGOBILD with AnimateIt! is a complete construction and animation kit that includes a web camera, 103 OGOBILD pieces, a step-by-step animation guide book, and a download of the AnimateIt! Express software. All you need is either a Mac or Windows computer with the appropriate system requirements and you are ready to start creating!

The Studio Kit is created to help children use their imaginations to create short stop motion animated movies to share with friends and family. It is intended to be used by children ages six and up because it does contain some small pieces. There is also a place on their website that allows the students to publish their films.

My son was so excited to get started that he begged me install it almost immediately upon opening the box.  He read through the step-by-step guide and began creating. I was shocked at all the great short movies that he created over the next several weeks. He used the OGOBILD pieces to create large machine style creatures that attacked his army men. There were crazy car people with one eye, a crane scoop for a hand, and a foot to stabilize them. His videos ranged from action packed to humorous. 

My son was able to learn about timing and placement using the AnimateIt! Express software download. The software makes learning to create films easy to understand. It didn't take him long to realize how small the movement of his creations had to be from frame to frame in order to create a successful film that looked like his creatures were actually walking and interacting with each other. It was neat to see his films progress as he began to better understand how the art of stop-motion worked.

I loved watching the creativity of my son as he designed backgrounds, scenes, and constructed each frame in great detail. This was a perfect fit for him. I really think it helped build his focus and fuel his creativity and passion that he had begun pursuing. My six-year-old is even starting to show interest in helping his brother create films and learn more about stop motion. This has definitely become a favorite in our household. 

You can purchase the OGOBILD AnimateIt! Construction and Animations Set on their website or by searching for retailers near you. The purchase price is $64.99. This would make a great birthday present for any creative child that is interested in stop motion.

-Product review by Michelle Urdak, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May, 2017