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Easy-DoksDok CR3 Review by Debra Brinkman

1185 Gooden Crossing
Largo, FL 3378

One thing that this homeschool household has is a lot of devices that need charging! All four kids have a Kindle Fire, both parents have an iPad and a cell phone, plus there are a couple of iPods, and the portable chargers too. Bottom line is that we are always needing to find somewhere to charge something.

Another issue we have is that we try to listen to audiobooks or to music, and that isn’t always easy to pull off. Playing through laptop speakers is often not loud enough, and headphones only work for one or maybe two people at a time. The Dok universal multi-charging station solves both of those issues for me.

I have this set up on the table next to my chair, with two different iPad cords (the old style and the lightning one), a kindle cord, and a phone cord. That leaves me with an open USB slot where I can add another cord if needed. This will charge any device that uses a USB cable, so when I had a rechargeable fitness tracking bracelet, this would have been an ideal way to keep it charged.

When you have something charging, there are slots so you can get them all cradled or docked on the station, and it doesn’t have to take up the entire table.

Even when I do have all five USB slots occupied, the devices all charge quickly. The device uses Smart SCD Technology, which basically means that it will change the current flow to give proper current and amps to whatever device is attached.

Then there is the fact that this is a 6-watt speaker. I can have my iPad set up to play audiobooks using Bluetooth, and that means the iPad does not need to be hooked up to the DOK. The sound quality is quite good, and loud enough for us to listen from the kitchen (the next room) without moving the whole station. Or I can have something playing on my computer and going through the speaker. Any Bluetooth device will work.

There is an AUX IN spot too, so I can also take an iPod and play through that, even though the iPod doesn’t have Bluetooth.

We use this station every single day, and because the cords are plugged into it, we also spend less time searching for a cable to charge a device.

-Product review by Debra Brinkman, Crew Administrator, The Old Schoolhouse® Homeschool Review Crew, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, May, 2017