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Trusty the Train Series Review by Jenn Bowen

Trusty Gets Off Track
Trusty and Ingrid Fibster
Trusty Meets Bully Blare
Trusty Faces His Fear
Trusty Tries to Fly
Trusty Tried and True
Mark Hamby & Debbie Hamby
Lamplighter Ministries International
Lamplighter Ministries
23 State St.
Mount Morris NY 14510

Reading is a big part of our house as well as our homeschool. We are always looking for quality books to read with our children and for our children to read.

Mark Hamby and Debbie Hamby wrote a series of books for children ages 2-5 about the adventures of a train called Trusty. Trusty faces many situations that our children come across in their lives such as: lying, bullies, obedience, following directions, contentment, friendship, and facing fear. Every hardback book in the series is centered around a particular verse in the Bible and is written in rhyme. The books are beautifully illustrated by Jennifer Brandon. As well, every book has unique illustrations on their inside covers.

The publisher, Lamplighter Ministries International, publishes quality God-honoring books that teaches Christ-like character and preparing people for the Lord one book at a time.  Along with the Trusty the Train series, they have books for people ages 2-99!  Lamplighter Ministries produces audio dramas through their Lamplighter Theatre.  For those families who are looking at growing their home libraries, Lamplighter Ministries offers a book and audio club with four membership plans available.

The books in this series are: 'Trusty and Ingrid Fibster', 'Trusty Faces His Fear', 'Trusty Gets Off Track', 'Trusty Meets Bully Blare', 'Trusty Tried and True', and 'Trusty Tries to Fly'. The books are available for

$22.00 each or $132.00 for the set of six books.

'Trusty and Ingrid Fibster'

'Trusty and Ingrid Fibster' is a lesson about telling the truth. An accident occurs and Trusty faces peer pressure about saying anything about what really happened. Ingrid threatens him and the other trains by saying that she won't be their friend if they tell the train master the truth. He keeps quiet and allows Ingrid to make up a story about what happened and allowing the blame to fall on another train. Afterward, Trusty feels the pressure of not speaking up and telling the truth. The pressure builds up and Trusty then decides no matter what he will speak up the next day and tell the truth about what really happened. The next day he steps forward in front of his friends and the train master, to tell the truth and much to his surprise Ingrid steps forward and apologizes for what she did. The moral of this story is the truth will set you free.

'Trusty Tries to Fly'

In 'Trusty Tries to Fly', Trusty is not content in being a train. He thinks that the grass is greener on the other side of the tracks. First, he tries to become a plane and after building wings he realizes that he is too heavy to fly. Then he desires to become a boat and creates a sail so he can sail freely as can be and he sinks. He is still unhappy and hates the way God created him. One cold winter day, while the airlines were shut down and the harbor was frozen, Trusty meets a man who was trying to get to town to bring a toy to his little boy. He invites the man aboard to warm up and take a ride to town. While taking the gentleman to town Trusty discovers he was made by God for a specific purpose and to be content in his uniqueness.

'Trusty Faces His Fear'

There is a boulder on the tracks and Trusty has been asked to remove it.

Trusty eagerly agrees to help Papá. Along the way to removing the boulder, things are going great and it is easy for Trusty to be strong and courageous. As he approaches the top of the steep, rocky cliff things begin to change. It is not so easy as he faces the fears of passing a cougar, a mountain goat, and crossing over a ridge. Trusty stops when it is time to cross a bridge. It is so dark and scary below the bridge that Trusty doesn't want to cross it. Papá comes along and reminds him that he will always be with Trusty and they crossed the bridge as a team. Trusty learns a huge lesson of the importance of being strong and courageous in times where it is hard.

'Trusty Gets Off Track'

Something is wrong with Trusty and he is told to return to the depot! He is having too much fun and decides to not heed to the warning. At first, everything is going smoothly and he is content with the decision that he made. Then Trusty gets into trouble and winds up derailing in an accident.

He discovers that he should have listened and is repentant that he didn't do as he was told. He has learned the lesson of listening and he vows to listen the next time he is told to do something.

'Trusty Meets Bully Blare'

Trusty is moving to a new place! While moving he learns about putting others before him when he helps Missy Shapen who is bullied by another train, Bully Blare. Bully Blare taunts and teases Missy because of her shape. After Blare leaves Missy behind, Trusty turns around to go back and help her so she can get by.  For the remainder of the trip they continue together as a team. Once there the train master tells all of the trains that is not about getting there the quickest or reaching the end but it's all about being a friend!

'Trusty Tried and True'

A train was on its way to deliver lots of toys to boys and girls when it breaks down. Big Brawny, Smarty, and Beauty all pass by the stopped train and have their own reason why they cannot be bothered to help out this stuck train. Along comes good old Trusty! He sees the stuck train and rejoices in the answer to his prayers. Just that morning, Trusty had prayed and asked God to make him useful to someone in need. Now someone was in assistance of need and he has just the one to help! Although he wasn't strong, big, smart, or pretty like the others, he was willing to try helping the stuck train and allow God to work through him.

There are so many good lessons to learn from the Trusty the Train series!There is something for everyone to learn, no matter your age! I loved all of the lessons that are a part of the books. While any young train fan is bound to love these books, your child does not need to be a train lover to love this series. All five of my kids enjoyed the Trusty the Train series but Train Buff quickly claimed the books as “his books.” Train Buff (five years old) is big on trains looking real and not “fake”. He stood for about twenty minutes pouring over the beautiful artwork in the books.

- Product review by Jenn Bowen, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May, 2017