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Thrasher Coffee Review by Michelle Urdak

Thrasher Coffee

My husband and I are avid coffee drinkers. In fact, I am too ashamed to tell you exactly how many pots we drink each day. We always enjoy getting the opportunity to try new flavors and blends. That is why we jumped at the chance to try Thrasher Coffee, any excuse to drink coffee is a good one to me!

Thrasher Coffee Company is based out of Georgia. They only roast their coffee when you place the order to help keep it fresh longer. We received three bags of three different flavors to try: Elysium, Liberty, and Settler.

Elysium is their extra caffeinated coffee that has the same amount of caffeine as four cups of coffee! I really expected this one to be super strong and possibly bitter, but I was wrong! This is a blend of Sumatran and Indian beans roasted together. The result was a smooth bold flavor without any bitterness. I was shocked at how great the taste was.  My husband enjoyed this on mornings that he had to be to work extra early. He said it was a great tasting coffee with an extra shot of caffeine to get him started.

Liberty is their medium-dark roast made from a combination of African and Central American coffee beans. This blend was lighter than Elysium but still held a great flavor. We were impressed at how good this cup of coffee was! It was smooth and fresh tasting. I think it almost tasted cleaner than other coffee that I had ever experienced. My husband insisted that it is the best coffee he has ever tasted.

Settler is their decaffeinated blend. When I first saw the decaf blend in my box I was a bit skeptical. I think decaf coffees tend to taste chemically and is not something I like to drink ever. Once again, my preconceived thoughts and opinions were proven wrong as I drank my first cup. This has actually become my favorite of the three! I love a cup of coffee after dinner, but tend to suffer from insomnia. This helped me be able to enjoy that cup and still sleep at night without skimping on flavor! I looked into this blend a little more and found that they use Swiss Water Process instead of chemicals to decaffeinate their beans. This explained how their decaf tasted like coffee and not chemicals like others I have tasted in the past!

There are two different ways that you can purchase Thrasher coffee. They allow you to choose whole bean, course, medium, or fine ground. Thrasher Coffee is offered 'by the bag' which is a 16-ounce bag that they weigh after roasting the beans to ensure you get a full 16 ounces of coffee beans! The cost is $19.99 a bag. There is also a subscription plan where you can get a bag per month for $17.99.

My husband and I really enjoyed all three flavors of Thrasher Coffee. He just asked me last night if I would set up our subscription order of the Settler so that we never run out. We both really enjoyed getting to experience such a great coffee! You can order online, by phone, or searching their retail locations on their website.

-Product review by Michelle Urdak, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April, 2017