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Scripture Stickies (Various Topics and Themes) Review by Heather Kelley

Julie and Gregorio
Scripture Stickies

When I was a kid I loved memorizing Bible verses. It was so easy back then. But now, with my busy schedule, I rarely memorize any new verses. I know that I should get back in the habit, and I also really want to help my girls get into a routine of hiding God’s word in their hearts. What a blessing that Julie and Gregorio have developed Scripture Stickies to help me do just that. 

Scripture Stickies are packs of bible verses printed on strips of paper that have sticky strips on the back so you can put them wherever is convenient (and then take them down when you’re done without harming the surface they were stuck to). There are Scripture Stickies packs available for a variety of subjects. 

I received six packs: God’s Word, Happy Birthday, Don’t Worry, and Kids Study Packs One, Two, and Three. Mine were all printed in the English Standard Version, but you can select whatever version of the Bible you prefer. You can also request packs of Scripture Stickies in many languages.

Each pack costs $2.99 and contains ten Scripture Stickies, either two copies each of five verses or ten different verses, depending on the pack. These are great for memorizing, or for putting somewhere to meditate on or to be little notes of encouragement during your day. They’re also perfect for sticking on a gift or including in a card or note to someone. 

They’re quite plain, just a verse printed on paper that has sticky strips on the back, which lets everyone customize them as much or little as you want. Some may like them best just the way they are, no frills. For myself, I have some sheer paint sticks that are perfect for adding color. My ten-year-old enjoys taking a sparkly gel pen and adding patterns to hers, and my seven-year-old decorated hers with stars and flowers and such. 

My girls really enjoyed each selecting one verse from the Kids Study Packs to decorate and put on our fridge. The verses in these packs for kids are great basics for them to begin memorizing, and include plenty of room on each strip for my girls to add their own embellishments. When the verses have been memorized, my girls can move them to another location such as a closet door, or notebook where they can continue to review them while working on memorizing the next verse that they choose. 

In the past, I’ve occasionally tried to write out verses to memorize and put them on the fridge, but I’ve not really remembered to find a new verse that I want to write after that one is memorized. Having these Scripture Stickies handy makes rotating through new verses each week effortless. 

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to try these nifty Scripture Stickies packs. Now it’s a cinch to have Bible verses in my house and car for me and my family to read and memorize. I can definitely see myself buying more once we’ve used all the ones I have.

-Product review by Heather Kelley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April, 2017