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The Golden Thread Review by Sheila Quach

Norman Macleod
Lamplighter Publishing
Lamplighter Ministries International
Lamplighter Ministries
23 State St. Mount Morris, NY 14510

This was our first time reading a book from Lamplighter and I have to say we are both very pleased.  I love books and I have rooms filled with them.  But, these are not just books, they are like little treasures preserved in time for all to enjoy.  Not only are Lamplighter books visually stunning, but they are edited within a Biblical framework to ensure that every single story not only lines up with the character of God, but also provides key scriptures to seal these traits in your heart.

The Golden Thread written by Norman Macleod is a story written in 1861.  I love the font, the style and the art peppered throughout the book.  The story is set deep in a dark dangerous forest where a King rules over his Kingdom.  The King prepares his son, Prince Phillip for the most difficult test of his life.  At first Kaden was reading this book on his own, but it was so exciting he didn't want me to miss out on all the adventure.  The story is filled with so much detail it is easy to slip away into the story with Prince Phillip.  The story is not very long; just under 100 pages.  I'm really glad that the character list is small, it helps you create a relationship with the character.   We had many conversations together about the Golden Thread that the King had laid out around the Kingdom walls and into the forest.  He had done that so that anyone could find their way back who may have wandered off.

During the read you get to live with the Prince as he ventures out from the safety of the Kingdom.  He was excited and had been anticipating this very moment to prove himself and win the trophy.  Once the contest started Prince Phillip had a firm grip on the golden thread, he was determined to never let go.  But, not long did something catch his eye that he just had to have.  And I'm sure you can guess what happened.  He let go of the golden thread and ventured farther then he should have.  He cried out, he was scared and already had forgotten the first lesson in order to find the thread. 

The story is filled with lessons in having Faith, Integrity, Honesty, following the Lord and holding on to His Holy Word.  Even though this is a very old story it's lessons are relevant in today's world.  I feel like it's a great read not only for kids, but for teens and adults too.  After Kaden and I read it together we decided the whole family would like it, so we read it out-loud in just 2 nights.

-Product review by Sheila Quach, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April, 2017