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Sir Knight of the Splendid Way Review by Melissa Batai

W.E. Cule
Lamplighter Publishing
23 State Street
Mount Morris, NY 14510

Sir Knight of the Splendid Way by W.E. Cule is a beautiful allegory that all Christians will appreciate. The story is about a knight, Constant, who embarks on a long journey. In the 10 chapters of the book, he encounters many difficulties on his journey, and he is often tempted by the Black Knight.

Yet, through it all, Constant, with only minor issues, is able to stay the course. He sees others who are tempted and veer from the course, never to reach their destination. Constant learns from those people and does not make the same mistake. In the end, he is richly rewarded when he makes his way through the Forest of Burdens and finally reaches the City of the Great King.

This book is recommended for ages 12 and older, with good reason. Written in 1899, it may be a challenging read for younger readers. To help, the book contains a glossary of terms for each chapter. The book itself is beautiful hardcover, and inside there are occasional color pictures of Constant fighting as he travels on his journey. Boys especially may love this book as it will likely appeal to their sense of adventure.

I read this book myself and truly enjoyed it. Many people often wonder why Life’s journey is so difficult sometimes. They may wonder if the effort to maintain a good, Christian life is worthwhile. This book provides an answer as well as encouragement to stay the path.

This is a very good story, but some readers might find it challenging. However, with patience and effort, the reader can learn a valuable lesson from this book.

This is an excellent title to enjoy if you or your teens want encouragement to continue on the path that they know is right.

--Product review by Melissa Batai, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April, 2017