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The Tuttle Twins Learn About The Law Review by Amanda Hopkins

The Tuttle Twins and the Miraculous Pencil
The Tuttle Twins and the Food Truck Fiasco
The Tuttle Twins and the Creature from Jekyll Island
Connor Boyack
Libertas Press

Economics, that one subject in school where I was lost. I thought I could figure it out, but the lessons just weren’t all there for me. I felt like I was missing something. I am happy to say that my kids don’t need to feel that way now that they have met Ethan and Emily Tuttle!

Ethan and Emily Tuttle, the Tuttle Twins, take your kids on some adventures of a lifetime in each book you pick up to read. We had the opportunity to take a look at The Tuttle Twins Learn About the Law, The Tuttle Twins and the Miraculous Pencil, The Tuttle Twins and the Food Truck Fiasco, and The Tuttle Twins and the Creature from Jekyll Island.

The adventures of the Tuttle Twins come from author Connor Boyack’s desire to give your child the principals to learn about freedoms, free markets and private properties that our country was built on. Connor was upset with the online search results for younger kids when it came to these topics, so he took it upon himself to write some books for the younger crowd, between 5 and 10 years old.

Each of the four books that we read focused on a different economic topic and each book was based off classic essays or books from history on the same topic. The Tuttle Twins are full of information, written in a way that even Little Miss understood at 5 years old. They are wonderfully illustrated with pictures that keep the kids interested in what they are learning about. Heck, even I was reading and learning from these books.

All four of the books we read were just over 50 pages long, filled with easy to read font and lots of pictures. The stories were full of adventure, and we forgot that we were in the middle of learning something until we were all done and sat down to talk about it. The kids retained so much of the information in the story and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they answered my questions.

Upon visiting the website, I found PDF Activity Books to go with each of the books. These helped us take the books a little farther in our learning, and at the least helped keep fingers busy with the coloring pages while I read aloud to the kids.

Our family has given these books some love. They have been read not only by myself out-loud to the kids, but also by the kids as they grab them up to re-read the adventures on their own. We found these books to be a great starting point when it comes to the subject of economics and are excited to be adding some new ones to the collection soon!

—Product review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April, 2017