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Hedge of Thorns (Illustrated Version) Review by Jennifer King

Rewritten by Mark Hamby
Lampligher Publishing
Lamplighter Ministries International

One of my goals this year for our home learning, is to read more. A lot more. And not just any old books, but good, classic literature. When I think back to when I was a child, perhaps one of my fondest memories was reading with my momma. Oh, the friends I made and the places I went - all because of good books. Hedge of Thorns, from Lamplighter, is one of those books. It is full of Biblical goodness, rich characters and images that make the story come alive!

From the moment this beautiful book arrived we were captivated. The illustrations are so rich and so inspiring. Each page is just mesmerizing.  The story begins, being told as though we are visiting with John Carol himself.  You can imagine yourself sitting on his porch, listening to him tell this story, enjoying the scenic gardens surrounding you. Based on a true story, journey with a young boy and his sister as they explore and learn a powerful lesson about the benefits of boundaries; choices and consequences in life. Join them as they attend school and are taught the great value of God’s word for our lives.

What is behind the hedge? A source of great temptation, see what is behind the hedge and why God places hedges about us. Shall we trust our heart and our own desires? Or shall we trust in the Lord to provide? With scriptural references throughout this short story, there are many blessings to be found as boundaries are explored and lessons are learned.  

What a sweet story this is; one to help our children understand the great value that comes from rules and restrictions in life.  A reminder too that our choices often affect those dear to us whether we intend them to or not. So often we see the thorns only as something that causes harm; we do not see the love and the goodness that comes from their presence. This tale is indeed a gentle lesson in the value of obedience and protection.

This is not just a beautiful book with a story to tell. A classic story, this teaches such a valuable lesson to our children in a way that they can understand. It is so important for us to have a right perspective and to be able to accept and appreciate the hedges in our own life.

-Product review by Jennifer King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April, 2017