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Artistic Nature Unit Studies: North American Rivers (A. N. Magazine Issue #14) - Digital Download Review by Jennifer King

LightHome Publications sold via CurrClick

Here in Wisconsin it’s been pretty cold outside. That doesn’t work well for a family that enjoys being outdoors and doing lots of nature studies. Thankfully, there are these Artistic Nature Magazines which help to inspire a love of the great outdoors, when we cannot get outdoors. We recently have been enjoying one of their many issues, this one specifically about the North American Rivers.

My oldest son wasn’t sure about this; he actually informed me that there is nothing to know about rivers. Nothing exciting anyway. Can I tell you how quickly he changed his tune when he started going through this ebook? It didn’t take long for him to be hooked on these “boring” rivers.

This one is full of stunning photography. My son was amazed that so many of these images were taken by kids, some his own age. There are even famous paintings used here to help encourage our kids study pictures more closely (reminiscent of Charlotte Mason’s methods). They even include writing exercises to encourage our children in creative writing too.

Did you know that the US has more than 3,660,000 miles of rivers with over 60,000 dams. And the longest river? It’s the Missouri! We had a blast following these through the country and seeing where some of them even come out into the Gulf of Mexico.

We really loved the sections on stained glass and tiffany windows; they even include pages for you to color, with instruction, perhaps a better exercise for older kids, still a fun and creative experience. My son even learned how to recreate a famous painting of Claude Monet’s. My daughter is now obsessed with waterlilies.

This unit study really is amazing. No matter how big or small your children are there is something in here for them enjoy and learn. As you read, and watch the internet linked videos that are scattered throughout this, you will be in awe, not just of the rivers, but all the life that is in and around them.  No one can say rivers are boring anymore.

There are lots more of these Artistic Nature Magazines too! I know we will definitely be enjoying more of them in our home learning.  I highly recommend checking these out; there is so much more than you could imagine, to enjoy!

-Product review by Jennifer King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2017