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Beautiful Blessings - A Treasury of Prayers, Poems and Verses - Digital Download Review by Jennifer King

LightHome Publications sold via CurrClick

We have been wanting to try out a number of the materials from LightHome Publications for some time now.  They have a wonderful variety of ebooks that encourage our kids in good character as well as artistic and nature studies, history, animals and geography. Since we have four children, ranging in age from 1 to 11 and with very different interests and learning styles, the materials from LightHome seemed like ones that could be quite a blessing to all of us.

My daughter used the “Beautiful Blessings" - A Treasury of Prayers, Poems and Verses almost daily. In fact, this became part of a lovely little routine, just she and I, enjoying tea and sweet poetry. Since she has recently determined to learn how to read and write too, there were just so many ways we were able to learn and have fun using this one. How wonderful is it to see our little ones wanting to learn and enjoying it too!

From the moment we received this one my oldest daughter, who is five, was just captivated with the images on the cover and throughout every single page of this e-book.  So many lovely pictures! Just perfect for a little girl! How she loves pretty dresses and little girls with long flowing hair, cats and dogs and flowers too!

This was a wonderful way for my daughter to practice not just reading, but also handwriting as she traced the letters on each page. She traced poems, and Bible verses; she even colored some of the pages so she could bring some of the flowers and butterflies and pretty dresses to life that were on these pages. She enjoyed memorizing a number of the verses and poems too.  

We Thank Thee helped us to talk about gratitude and count our blessings, others helped us to remember how God is always with us and how He always hears our prayers.  This even includes writings from Louisa May Alcott and Fanny Crosby when they were children! Some were familiar and others were new to us but every one of them had a simple and beautiful lesson. So many times we had the most amazing discussions inspired but what we read.

Our children need to know how to read and write; it is a great blessing that they are able to learn through the study of beautiful things. These pages are all so full of wisdom; our children are not just learning reading and writing.  They also learning how to value the simple things, like eyes to see, and how to be of good and strong character.

With over 50 beautiful poems for our children to read (together for the littler ones) and write this is a wonderful material to use to encourage and inspire our children! In a gentle and natural way, surrounding them with lovely things and even lovelier truths from God’s Word itself.

-Product review by Jennifer King, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April, 2017