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Kidz Gear Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones Review by Missica Pullen

Kidz Gear
Kidz Gear
4665 Golden Foothill Pkwy., Suite# 106
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

I was searching for a great set of headphones for my son when I learned of Kidz Gear KidzControl Volume Limit Headphones. These headphones, that are on sale right now for 19.99, are made of a durable plastic headband that is adjustable, and soft earphone pads that cover your entire ear. There also feature an adjustable microphone on the left side that easily adjusts to fit your child. They also control the volume so your child cannot turn them up too loud, and potentially damage their hearing. The color we received is a dark blue and white, and there are a variety of colors from which to choose. We also received a Carry Bag and KidzControl Volume Limit Cable.

Ok, I admit it. I use these as much as my son! He has autism, and I was a little concerned that these would annoy him, but he tolerates them very well, and actually enjoys using them. They help to filter out the background sounds that keep him from paying attention to his computer lessons. It’s also great for him to connect to my phone in the car so he can play games while we are on the road, and I can still enjoy the radio. The soft ear pads are really comfortable, and he has worn them for extended periods of time with no ill effects at all. He is 11, and obviously I’m an adult, and we are both able to comfortably wear these adjustable headphones. They adjust down quite small, so smaller children should have no problems with them. They will also fit his nearly 4 year old sister.

The microphone is very nice, and there is the ability to move it up and out of the way, but the turning dial on it is a little harder for my son to use, and sometimes he ends up bending the microphone up at an odd angle. The poseable microphone arm is a little loose for my taste in some positions. I’m a little concerned that the arm may get damaged or break eventually, but as of right now it is holding up quite nicely.

Overall, we really like these headphones. They work very, very well. We have used them on tablets, phones, desktops and laptops. I have personally used then with communications software such as Skype and Ventrillo with no problems at all. My voice comes across clearly, and I am able to hear others, as well. These work well with text to type programs that come with laptops, as well as programs we have purchased. After more than a month of use, these still look, feel, and work as good as the first time. These headphones have become our favorites, and the ones we use most often. I highly recommend these to others who are looking to purchase a good, quality set of headphones for their child, or for their own use.

-Product review by Missica Pullen, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April, 2017