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Beric the Briton Review by Latonya Moore

Heirloom Audio Productions
2200 Illinois Rt. 84,
Thomson, IL 61285

Beric the Briton is a part of the Heirloom Audio Productions family.  Heirloom Audio produces G.A. Henty’s work in the form of audio theatre which isn’t just a book on CD, but includes dramatic effects to enhance the story.  Beric the Briton is a two-hour and thirty-minute audio drama recorded on two compact discs. The single CD set which includes access to the Beric the Briton study guide is $29.97. 

My daughters, who are in grades 4 and 6, and I are fond of Heirloom Audio Productions because they often introduce us to parts of history that we haven’t studied or they enhance our current history lessons.  In the case of Beric the Briton, we hadn’t studied ancient Britannia, therefore, we learned about a part of the world that we had no knowledge.    We listened to Beric the Briton in our car as we traveled to activities.  Each time we headed out we weren’t only going on an adventure in our current time, but we were also experiencing an adventure with Beric and the soldiers of Britannia that he was fighting alongside against the Romans. 

Beric the Briton tells the story of ancient Britannia and its escape from Roman power.  It takes place during the Roman invasions when no land was free from being captured by the Romans.  Beric gained his place as leader among the Britons not because they favored him because honestly many didn’t agree with him or his methods of war, but because it was apparent that he was more equip for the challenge at hand.  Beric had spent time in Rome therefore providing him with insight that other Britons did not have.  He chose to use what he learned from being in their environment to the advantage of the Britons.

The story of Beric the Briton is one of adventure because it isn’t only about fighting a war, but it also shows Beric in many different situations like battling a lion and helping a family escape from wolves that made us wonder if he would make it out alive.  There’s also a love story intertwined along with a call to faith.

Beric the Briton provides historical insight without the need of books.  One thing that we enjoy about the audio drama is that we are able to pause and discuss it as the story moves forward.  Again, it also provided this homeschool mom with little history foundation an easy way to introduce to her daughters to parts of history that they could’ve easily missed out.

-Product review by Latonya Moore, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April, 2017