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Alphabet Smash: Your Child's 26 Week Alphabet Adventure Review by Michelle Urdak and Jennifer Bowen

Christina Parker Brown

Alphabet Smash Your Child's 26 Week Alphabet Adventure is a 168 page book that makes planning a 'letter of the week' style learning easy! There is a sample weekly schedule in the front of the book to help you get an idea of how to incorporate all the ways that you can teach each letter of the alphabet. In the Introduction there is a suggestion of creating a Alphabet Smash Notebook to keep all the activities together in one place. 

Each letter of the alphabet has four to six pages filled with activities to help incorporate learning the letter of focus for the week in your everyday life. This can definitely be a stand-alone curriculum for preschool or kindergarten students. Christina Parker Brown, the author, included Bible verses and stories, Artist studies, activities, links to videos and worksheets, field trip ideas, songs, and so much more! There are even sample pictures for some of the crafts and activities listed.

We chose not to use this as a stand-alone, but rather to help supplement our letters as we were learning them. I really felt like all the leg work was done for me. I could simply open the book to my weekly letter, and find a book, song, poem, or link for handwriting worksheets listed. It saved me a lot of time during my planning. 

There is a workbook available to purchase separately. It includes pages with block style letters which my little girl we used for either painting the letter or as a play-doh mat.  Handwriting pages, which she tried to complete for her letter of the week. And Bible verses on handwriting pages to correspond with each letter of the alphabet. She was not ready for the amount of writing on the Bible verse pages. I decided to allow her big brother to use those instead. This is a great way to save on printing costs and still have supplemental worksheets to use alongside your weekly letter.    

Overall, I was very impressed with this curriculum and think that it is a great resource for moms of little ones who are learning their letters. Alphabet Smash is available on Amazon in paperback for $24.99 and on Kindle for $2.99. You can also purchase the workbook for $7.99.  

-Product review by Michelle Urdak, The Old Schoolouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2017

Another Reviewer’s Perspective:

Alphabet Smash: Your Child's 26 Week Alphabet Adventure

Christina Parker Brown

Prepare for a fun adventure with your young children with the book Alphabet Smash Your Child's 26 Week Alphabet Adventure by Christina Parker Brown. Alphabet Smash is a fun filled twenty-six week unit study adventure for children ages three to seven. Children will learn the letters of the alphabet and their sounds through various fun activities.

Christina Parker Brown provides a plethora of ideas to choose from including Bible memory verses, handwriting and copy work, field trips, art, math, science, poetry, social science, books, music appreciation, learning songs and hymns, watching movies, and various other activities.

Everything during the week is associated with the letter that you are learning. For example, one day while you are studying the letter D, you may have dried fruit as a snack, go to a dentist office for a field trip, or play a game of dominos. Your student will build their own Alphabet Smash notebook using available clip art as well as activities that they have done throughout the week.  A great keepsake to have for many years!

I found the program to be very flexible and parent/teacher friendly. It can be completed as written or you can choose to study each letter longer. It is not expected, nor recommended, that you try to complete every activity offered in the book. There are links provided to print out a blank schedule and the clip art and a very detailed getting started guide.

We had fun! Our favorite activity is the Alphabet Smash Notebook. My oldest (eight years old) and I scrapbook and making a keepsake book is right up our alley. This is a great way to document what everyone is learning. It has been a huge hit with the oldest three kids. I appreciate the links to print out the extras.  It makes it a lot easier and less time consuming than trying to copy the pages directly out of a book. I highly recommend Alphabet Smash Your Child's 26 Week Alphabet Adventure to anyone with young children or who teach young children.

-Product review by Jennifer Bowen, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2017