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Total Family Makeover: 8 Practical Steps to Making Disciples at Home Review by Jennifer Bowen

Melissa Spoelstra
Abingdon Press

Raising children is the hardest job in the world. Living in a country where it is normal for families to be constantly on the go between school, sports, and other activities, most of the time our spiritual life is neglected. We cannot expect our children to become disciples of Christ when we ourselves are not leading by example.

In the two hundred and five page book, Total Family Makeover: 8 Practical Steps to Making Disciples at Home, Melissa Spoelstra provides eight practical, Christ-centered steps, to making disciples at home. The book focuses on: Spending Time in Prayer, Reading God's Word, Growing Through Mentoring, Finding Community in the Church, Serving Others, Taking Time to Rest, Giving Back to God, and Sharing Your Faith.

We are to be living examples for our children day in and day out in our actions, words, and prayers. Total Family Makeover includes lots of wonderful ideas and encouragement to grow your relationship with the Lord and with your children. Melissa provides many practical approaches for applying each of the eight steps. For example, in chapter two, we are challenged to read the book of Proverbs and study what Proverbs has to say about parenting. Later on in the book in chapter six, one of the practical approaches for taking the time to rest is starting simply by unplugging as a family for one day every week. That means no televisions, computers, phones, etc for that one day. Spend time together as family playing games, taking walks, or just talking. At the end of every chapter, there are questions that get you digging deeper in the Bible as well as group discussion questions. 

Reading Total Family Makeover has been a blessing and an answer to prayers! I have five young children and things can get hectic. I have been encouraged and have learned many nuggets to be able to apply what I have learned. This book is a great read for moms either own your own or in a small group.

-Product review by Jennifer Bowen, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2017