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Bo-Po Digi-Nail Studio Review by Renita Kuehner

Now Innovation
Worx Toys
2 – 401 Adlen Road
Markham ON L3R4N4

Manicures and pedicures tend to rules our girls’ lives. They love to do their nails. Recently Lydia wanted to try more nail art. Well since she has a slight tremor, this can make is a little frustrating for her to get the elaborate designs that she sees online. We had the opportunity to review Bo-Po Digi-Nail Studio from Worx Toys.

The Bo-Po Digi-Nail Studio allows you to fully customize a nail design using their Digi-Nail Studio App or login online at The package we receive included download information for the Digi-Nail Studio App and also login information for the online design studio. It also contained practice print paper (to check for alignment issues), the actual nail sticker sheets, and the top coat to apply after you put the stickers on your nails.

There were squeals of delight as we found the app and downloaded it on their phone. They were set and ready to go.

The user interface on the Digi-Nail Studio App took a little for them to get used to. But it was not overly difficult. During a sleepover, the girls and their friend attempted to design nails for each of them. I had to explain the difference between cool and well-over-the-top, the girls were having so much fun. Soon they were ready to print their creations.

We have both a laser printer and an inkjet printer. There was not a required type of printer listed on either the website or package to use this product. Since I prefer the print with our laser printer, this is the device we decided to print on first. Included in the packet, is a practice sheet to insert so that you know that you have your sheet of nails lined up properly. We fed this sheet through and had no problems. Their design looked very cute on the paper. We were ready for the sheet of sticker nails. We loaded it and it wouldn’t print properly. I double checked all the settings, and nothing changed. We tried again, and they didn’t print properly. 

I wondered if maybe this was because we were using a laser printer. So we checked our alignment sheet in our inkjet printer, and it printed properly. Put in our sheet of nail sticker paper, and again it did not print properly. I asked my husband who is in IT to see what we were doing wrong. He double checked everything, and we had all the settings right. He messed with it for more than an hour, and we could not get the sticker nails to align the way that the practice paper did.

The girls were disappointed, but we saved the day by drawing designs on the sheets and then applying them along with the top coat to their nails. They still were able to have their own unique designs this way. The top coat dried quickly and without issue. The girls were up and dancing around in no time with their new nails.

I wish there were more printer specifications provided by the company. I understand this can be difficult because of the sheer amount of printers that are on the market. But some more specifics would be nice to have as a guide. This would most likely cut down on the huge frustration felt as you are trying to get the nails to print properly for a group of excited pre-teens.

The concept of the Bo-Po Digi-Nail Studio is very cool. The Digi-Nail App and the online site were very easy to use. In fact, the girls have loved just designing nails on the app even if they are not printing them. To be honest, the size of the stickers available range from child sized through adult nails. So Bo-Po Digi-Nails could be used by young and old!

-Product review by Renita Kuehner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2017