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Funny Brush Set Review by Renita Kuehner

Madison Art Shop
16 Engleberg Ter.
Lakewood, NJ 08701

Two of our daughters absolutely love to paint. We have paint, canvas and a wide variety of brush sizes on the shelf at all times. Some of their work are masterpieces they spend hours on, while others are experiments to see what colors they like to mix together or designs their brushes can make.

Through the years I have collected various extra “brush” options for them to try and create new designs with. So included in their brush bags are straws, toothbrushes, plastic forks, feathers, and other non-typical painting items. The girls love to experiment and see how these items change their line styles.

We were excited to get a chance to review the Funny Brush Set from the Madison Art Shop. The Funny Brush Set are brushes that fit in that non-typical category. The Funny Brush Set features shorter than normal handles and unique bristles that set them apart from other brushes we have. The shorter handle size was perfect for our girl’s smaller hands.

The bristles are not your typical hair-like design. They feature a rubber-band style bristle. They are slightly stretchy; which Caty thought was funny. The Funny Brush Set bristles feature various thickness and length for each of the three brushes in the set. This allows for various texture designs in your artistic creations.

When I first saw the brushes though, the first thing that came to my mind, “How am I going to clean these?” The thicker bristles made me nervous and wondering if the paint would come off the bristles easily. But clean-up was a snap. Our girls do not paint with oil, only acrylic. So I had the girls rinse their brushes right away. If any paint residue remained, then I would simply use soap and water to clean them up. Very easy.

The girls absolutely loved the different textured designed they were able to make. One of them did a twirl design using all three different brushes, rinsing between colors and allowed the paint to dry between layers they applied. It took some patience, but was very cute when she was done. The bristles were very sturdy and withstood this project well. Not all paint brushes stand up to this type of painting and sometimes split and remain pushed apart. The Funny Brush Set due to the materials they are made with, had no problem going on to the next project.

Another project they used them on was a seasons tree project. They used the thicker bristled brush to create four separate trees, and then the smaller, shorter bristled brush to tap the green paint to show leaves for two of the trees. Quick simple taps on the paper made great designs. For the fall tree, they rinsed the brush and used red, orange and yellow to create fall “leaves”. Again, rinsing between colors was very easy. They also needed to wipe the brush with paper towel to make sure the previous color was out, but very simple.

We have been super impressed with The Funny Brush Set. They are very affordable at only $12.99. They would make a great gift for any little artist in your life, or a gift for your own projects and classroom. I cannot wait to see what other projects the girls can design using them.

-Product review by Renita Kuehner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2017