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What on Earth? Water and What on Earth? Wind Review by Jacquelin Caffey

Isabel Thomas
QEB Publishing
874 Suite C
Walker Road
Dover, Delaware 19904

Have you ever wondered how humans harness wind energy and use it to travel the world? Or wanted to dig a little bit deeper into the water cycle? Just how does the water on Earth shape our planet? If so, you should definitely check out the two new books, What on Earth? Water and What on Earth? Wind, by Isabel Thomas.

These two books will take you and your child on a hands-on cross-disciplinary study of science. You will also explore the natural elements of our vast world through history and hands-on arts and crafts within the 64 pages of each book. Each of the books is printed on heavyweight paper and are filled with colorful illustrations as you investigate each topic. What on Earth? Water dives into exploring just why water is essential for all living things, while What on Earth Wind delves into everything about the wind. Through exploration, investigation, and creation you and your child will connect and discover all there is about water and wind on this Earth around us.

Both of these books were included in my 10 year old daughter’s stack of books at Christmas. She eagerly looked through both books and spewed off interesting facts about each of the topics. She loves to learn with hands-on projects so these books were a perfect fit for her. So far she has made a cloud in a jar, a secret salt picture, and a paper glider. Thanks to the water book, she has become very water conscious and reminds everyone about not wasting water. She is looking forward to when the weather in our part of the country is a bit warmer so she can try out the hands-on explorations on the water wheel and a handmade kite.

Each of the hardcover books costs just $12.95 each and are recommended for ages 6-9, however, I felt like my 10 year old was just the right age to explore these books and crafts independently. We can’t say enough good things about these two little books and hope the author pens more books like these on different topics! They would make the perfect gift for a birthday or just because. 

-Product review by Jacquelin Caffey, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2017