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SpaceScooter® Regular Review by Lisa Stanfield

1954 N 30th Road
Hollywood, FL 33021

When I was a child, I’d have loved to have had a scooter! I don’t know a single kid who didn’t think those were the coolest things to twirl around on. The SpaceScooter® Regular is a scooter and then some. It can be used in more than one way, and that’s what makes it unusual.

The first way is as a traditional kick-scooter where your child propels himself with his foot. The second is the teeter-totter propelling that is also done with the foot, but it is on top of the scooter! It is hard to explain on paper, but the website has a great video that shows you how it is done. This makes it totally unusual and usable even on some inclined roads. I have watched my girls go up and down the street and once the scooter is opened up, out of the box, it is ready to go. It took us a little jerry-rigging to get the folded-up scooter to open up and do what we wanted it to do, but we eventually figured it out with the instructions inside!  We have gotten a lot of great use out of it, and it is still going strong months down the road.

As noted, it does fold for storage or travel, and our kids like to take it camping to scoot around the campsites on the road in between them. It also comes in a selection of colors and designs. This is geared for ages eight and above. The price is listed at $149.95. I think your kids are likely to enjoy both ways of using it, and get some really great outdoor exercise at the same time!

-Product review by Lisa Stanfield, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2016