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Unwrapping Wonder ~ Finding Hope in the Gift of Nature Review by Jacquelin Caffey

Carol O’Casey
Cladach Publishing
PO Box 336144
Greely, CO, 80633

Have you ever read a book on nature that stops you in your tracks and makes you say WOW! That is what happened as I cracked open the book Unwrapping Wonder: Finding Hope in the Gift of Nature, by Carol O’Casey. This gem of a book takes you on an adventure through nature as never before. One filled with enjoying the beauty of everything that God has gifted us with.

Taking time to slow down and enjoy God’s creation has been a big priority in our year this year. It is easy to get so busy doing stuff and running here and there that we lose focus on what is truly important in life. By digging through this book it has helped me gain focus of how I want to take the time and enjoy what has been placed before us.

In each chapter within this book you will learn how to “unwrap” a gift of nature such as a barnacle, a tiny seed, or a honey bee and discover more of yourself, nature, and God. The book delves into gifts of the field, the air, the deep, the mountains, and of the desert. Each chapter includes:

“The Wonder Introduced – through anecdote, natural history, or life story.

The Wonder Unwrapped – minute hidden details revealed and explained in everyday terms.

The Wonder Applied – practical, spiritual lessons for daily living.

Promise of Hope – relevant scripture to inspire hope”.

                                                                                      ~ from website

Each chapter also includes eight to ten discussion questions to dig a little deeper into each topic. These questions make you think and give you the opportunity to explore the world around us a little more while pointing to scripture.

This is a great book that showcases the beauty that God has bestowed upon us. It retails for just $17.99 and would make the perfect gift for men, women, or families who want to dig a little deeper into discovering the Creator through the beautiful world around us. One of my favorite parts of the book comes at the end of the chapter called “Wondercise” where you experience each wonder firsthand. The only thing needed for each activity is a notebook and a writing utensil. These special end of chapter exercises help to stimulate the child in all of us and heighten the powers of observation by restoring your natural sense of wonder and awe at the world around us. So far our favorite “wondercise” has been appreciating leaves and their inherent wonder. My youngest daughter who is seven years old had to do an activity with leaves to complete her nature badge for Girl Scouts and the wondercise in chapter 4 fit the bill. We went on a walk through our neighborhood and gathered up different types of leaves to study and sketch and also completed the simple activity and discovered photosynthesis up close.

I look forward to continuing of journey through this book as a family and discovering all the beauty that this world has to offer us. It is especially nice slowing down and seeing the beauty of nature through the eyes of a child again.

—Product review by Jacquelin Caffey, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2016