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Peaceable Places Game Review by Christine Hindle

Jim Deacove
Family Pastimes
796 Brook Valley Road/ RR 4
Perth, ON K7H 3C6

This game was designed by the author to illustrate Isaiah 11:5-8: “The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, the leopard with the goat, and the calf and the lion together, and the cow and bear shall feed, and the child shall play with the snake.” It is a cooperative game, in that all the players work together to reach the goal. 

There are three levels of play.  One for ages 5-7, one for ages 7-12 and one for ages 12-Adult. We used the lower level since we have a wide range of ages in our schoolroom.  There is a game board, creature cards, numbered fear cards (and two unnumbered ones for level 2 and 3), love cards, eye cards, and the Homes & Quote cards (only for level 3).  The cards are mixed up face down and then cover the stones in the path on the board.  Starting out, the first player uncovers a card.  If it is a love card or and eye card it goes off to the side for people to use later. If it is a fear card it goes in the matching numbered fear card position on the board.  There are six home spaces on the board and the object is to get the two creatures that the verse says will dwell together (i.e., Wolf and Lamb, etc.) into a home and hopefully get all the animals into homes before they are blocked on the board and can’t get out. (There are 9 creatures and one child.) There are numbered fear cards which can only be gotten out of play by playing a love card (of which there are only 6). The eye cards allow you to peek at another card (there are 3). When you peek you tell all the players what is on the card you peeked at and then the eye card is out of play. There are no dice so if you have a free path you can move the creature cards as far as you want toward the goal until you come against an obstacle.  At the end of your turn you turn over another card and then play passes to the next person.  They can make as many moves as they are able from what is on the table, ending with turning over a card.  Once all the animals are safely home the game has ended and the whole group won because they worked together to make it happen.

This is a fun game and it really brings home the concept of the Bible verse and the hope that we have for the future when King Jesus reigns and all is at peace. What a wonderful truth to instill in a child’s heart!

Even my littles enjoy this and there is not any reading or counting involved so they can pick it up quickly. I highly recommend this for a homeschool, but especially for a classroom where there is a range of ages.

-Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2016