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Animal Trackers Review by Tawnee Hinton

Family Pastimes
RR 4 Perth,
Ontario, Canada K7H 3C6

Does your family love games? Do you have an animal lover in your midst? Then you may want to check out Animal Trackers Game from Family Pastimes.

The Animal Trackers Game is an excellent, co-operative play game for the whole family to enjoy. With 6 Forest/Den cards, 6 sets of Animals, and rules, the Animal Trackers Game is a fun matching and tracking game.

My son LOVES animals and very much enjoyed the game. And what is really cool in my opinion is that the game is stated to be for ages 4 to 7 and can really be played together for the whole family. My children are ages 2 to 12, but truthfully, this was a great game for all of them.

Full disclosure – my 2 year old needed some help but since this game is a cooperative puzzle game, all players work together as a team to figure out what they are tracking and completing each track. Therefore, it was a great game to play together.

The object of the game is look carefully and match the tracks on the cards to the animal den and see if you can figure out who you are tracking. When all 4 forest/Dens are revealed or figure out then the game is over. Since you only play with 4 animal tracks at a time and there are 6 animals in the set, you can play again immediately and get some new animals.

There are some great animal facts on the card to read once you have tracked the animal to learn about the animal that you tracked. Each card also has a nice picture of the animal, of the animals den, and a picture of its track card. 

Four to seven players can play the game at the same time. Players track animals such as a fox, wolf, and porcupine. My son LOVES figuring out the animal he was tracking and learning about that animal when he got to the den. My daughters loved the game too. This game is very different than what we usually play as a family game but my kids love for animals really made this a great time for the whole family.

Family Pastimes also makes a Jungle and a Field version of the game. I think that would be fun to add to our collection to keep working on our tracking.

—Product review by Tawnee Hinton, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2016