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History for Kids: Constitution Go Fish Game Review by Lisa McClanahan

John De Gree
The Classical Historian
1019 Domador
San Clemente, CA 92673

Educational games are a great way to get my kids to learn things without really trying. Teaching the Constitution with Games book and the History for Kids: Constitution Go Fish Game can help even young children learn about our government.

The History for Kids: Constitution Go Fish Game contains 48 jumbo cards and is recommended for two or more players, ages six and up. The cards are divided into twelve categories with four cards in each. Those four cards each have their own name and picture at the top. Toward the bottom of the card there is a grid that has all four card names included with that specific card name colored in blue

There are also three hints for that card name. Instruction cards are also included. Go Fish and Collect the Cards can be played with this deck of cards. To play Go Fish each player is dealt four cards. They will then play the game Go Fish by asking for one of the other three title cards included in the grid at the bottom of one of their cards. This game is recommended for younger children. Collect the Cards is a game older kids like to play. In this game the dealer reads the hints until someone can name the card. If no one knows the card name the dealer keeps that card. The player with the most cards at the end wins the game.

Teaching the Constitution with Games book is 32 pages long and explains why using games are important. It also explains how to play different games in different settings, and lists the skills that are taught. There is also an explanation of each picture that is printed on the deck of cards. There are several different games you can play with these cards while learning about the history of the constitution. There are three Sit-Down games and four Motion Games. Most of the games are suggested for ages 5 and up and are played individually or in teams depending on which game you play. You do not need the book to play the card games, but it does help you get more from the deck of cards.

All three of my girls played Go Fish and Collect the Cards. Go Fish is too easy for my girls, but it did help them become familiar with the cards before moving on to Collect the Cards. My youngest daughter is eleven and she isn't as familiar with the government as her older sisters so playing Go Fish helped her become more familiar with terms, Supreme Court cases, and amendments to the Constitution. At first some of the hints were hard to know what card it went with, but after playing a few times they became easier to remember.

History for Kids has come up with a great way to familiarize even young children with the Constitution. They may not understand all that it involves, but they will recognize elements of it once they start studying it. This card game and book would make a great addition to any family.

-Product review by Lisa McClanahan, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2016