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Where Does the Evidence Lead? Review by Kym Thorpe

DVD with Discussion and Study Guide
Idea Center
Illustra Media
PO Box 636
La Mirada, CA, 90637-0636

Where Does the Evidence Lead? is a documentary DVD featuring six chapters of about 10 minutes each, which examine Darwinian evolution and challenge the validity of the theory. Each chapter explains an Intelligent Design concept in some detail, using computer animation, live footage, and interviews with leading academic experts. This documentary is geared for instructional purposes regarding the evidence for design in biology.

One chapter explores the complexity of the living cell and some of the components, and contrasts this information with what was known about cells at the time Charles Darwin produced his book, and discusses how the complexity at a cellular level is a challenge to the theory of evolution. This topic is explored in even more detail in a chapter titled Molecules and Mousetraps, which examines the concept of irreducible complexity and how this is a challenge to natural selection. Other topics explored are the origin of life and whether it can be explained by chance; the language of DNA and genetic information; and the scientific evidence in support of intelligent design.

Along with the DVD is a Discussion and Study Guide produced by The IDEA Center, an organization which provides resources and support for Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Clubs in colleges, high schools, and communities. The Discussion Guide contains some short-answer and fill-in-the-blank questions for each chapter of the DVD to aid in comprehension of the material presented. For each chapter there are also a number of Discussion questions that could be used in a group setting, or to encourage deeper thought or perhaps research on the topics. Answers to all questions are provided in the back of the Guide. Homeschool students could use the Discussion and Study Guide as a comprehension test on each chapter, and as a starting point for further research, so that the DVD could provide a supplement to a study of high school Biology.

The DVD is professionally produced and uses beautiful and appealing images to capture attention. The information is scholarly, and yet clearly explained so that it can be appreciated by laypeople. While the Guide does make mention of a couple of books that take a Biblical view of Creation, it also points out that Intelligent Design theory is different from creationism, and this is an important distinction that Christians may want to note. Christians are among the contributors to the documentary, but the material is not presented from a Biblical Creationist standpoint as Intelligent Design theory stops short of any speculation about the identity or nature of the Designer. These materials are intended to clarify the evidence that supports Intelligent Design and to foster further discussion, especially on college and high school campuses about these concepts.

-Product review by Kym Thorpe, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December, 2016