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The Case for a Creator: A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence that Points Toward God Review by Bethany Hankinson

Lee Strobel
Illustra Media
(877) 436-0955
P.O. Box 636
La Mirada, CA 90637-0636

My husband has been the youth director at our church for the last 12 years. One of his favorite resources has been “The Case for” series of books by Lee Strobel. The new DVDs have captured our family’s attention as well.

In The Case for a Creator: A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence that Points Toward God DVD, Strobel uses negative evidence, cosmology, physics, astronomy, biological machines, and biological information to provide the viewer with evidence for a creator. Strobel begins by giving a bit of his background story, when in school, he learned that humans evolved and life formed without a cause through chemical evolution. It wasn’t until his wife’s conversion to Christianity that he began to take a hard look at what science could actually prove.

Bonus features include: questions and answers (questions are provided and answered by experts in the fields), how life began (a click through explanation and video discussion), the machinery of life (a click through explanation and video discussion), intelligent design resources which includes information about the Discovery Institute, links, and books, and resources from Strobel.

I have found the DVD to be very informative. I appreciate how looking at the many different branches of science we can see many, many instances of our world being created and not of evolving through macroevolution or Darwinian evolution. It often amazes me how something one person wrote about over 150 years ago would be defended so urgently all of these years later; how science can build new evidence around unproven theory, and try to make the puzzle pieces fit. Some things cannot be explained away simply by cramming in the pieces. The interviews with scientists and scholars provide Christians with support for creation. A question that has stuck with me is, How can things look as if they are designed and not really be designed?

The DVD is not targeted specifically to homeschooling families, but can definitely be used as a homeschool resource. There have been many things that I have discovered that are very interesting and this DVD makes an excellent supplement to a biology curriculum.

We would recommend The Case for a Creator: A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence that Points Toward God DVD for those wishing to gain an understanding of how different discoveries in various branches of science point to creation.

—Product review by Bethany Hankinson, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2016