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Learn Writing & Grammar Quickly Review by Lisa Maynard

Janet Scarpone
P.O Box 4464
Palm Springs, CA 92263-4464

Learn Writing & Grammar Quickly is an online course that teaches grammar and writing via the Moodle platform. (Editor’s Note: The vendor offers an initial phone consult with anyone interested for help with Moodle questions, set-up, or other inquiries about the program upon purchase.) Everything needed to complete the course is available online. However, there are workbooks you can order from the website if you prefer that to the online version. The program covers various writing and grammar topics and includes written text, quizzes and video instruction. It includes pre-writing, brain-storming, and of course grammar instruction from parts of speech to correcting sentences.

My 13 year old has been working through this program. She is currently in 9th grade level and I feel that most of this course is suitable. It could even be used for older high school students if they needed a refresher course.

When you log onto the website the first thing to do is watch the first video. It is very clearly marked and easy to find. After this there is a PDF file which explains how to use the program. My daughter started by watching a video entitled “How to Write an Essay” and then reading and completing the online handouts. The course discussed different methods of pre-writing and preparing for an essay which were very useful. There was also a great printout explaining the set-up of an essay, and in what order to write each aspect of the essay. My daughter found this useful to print out and keep in her writing folder. My daughter also printed out a grammar review sheet. It covered all grammar topics and is an excellent reference sheet. After the initial writing section, there is another video on “Parts of Speech.” Some of this video was a little simplistic as it reviewed very easy grammar topics that most high school students should already know. There are some grammar exercises and the answer sheets are also included to make it easy to grade.

As we progressed through this program I was a little confused to what level this program is geared towards. It is intended for high school, however some topics are covered very simply. Because writing and grammar ability vary widely, this could easily be used by middle and elementary school students and well as high school. However, it is clear that the writing topics are geared towards older students. If you used this with younger children you may want to adapt some of the topics.

If you are used to fancy online programs you may be a little disappointed with this program. It works well, and is easy enough to follow, but there are no bells and whistles that come with some of the newer online courses. The videos are a little dated and the teacher still uses paper and pen instead of slide shows. I can see some students being turned off by this. Others however, will not be distracted and find it easier to concentrate on the content of the course.

I am not sure if I would have bought the program from the initial website. However, after spending some time with it, I like the no-frills content. I think because of the simplicity of this course it could be adapted to any learning and educational style, so it would be suitable for all types of homeschoolers. It could also be used by any student that needs extra help in this area.

–Product review by Lisa Maynard, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2016