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States and Capitals Songs DVD Review by April Elstrom

Larry and Kathy Troxel
Audio Memory Publishing
(800) 365-7464
892 Peace Place
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

We received four different items from Audio Memory to review. Out of all the items we received, the States and Capitals Songs DVD is the one my kids have enjoyed most. All of my kids will sit in and willing sing along with the songs. I've heard them humming the tunes and singing the songs as they go about their day, as well. This DVD is a hit in our family!

The States and Capitals Songs DVD divides the United States into regions. The regions are the Eastern Border States, Southern Border States, Northern Border States, Middle States, and Pacific States. When you click on a region, you can sing a song about the states, or about the states and capitals. As the song plays, the appropriate state is highlighted on a United States map, and the words appear at the top of the screen. This helps them visualize the state's location so they can identify it on a map later.

After children have listened to the states and capital songs, which repeats each state and capital twice, they can take a test. The test plays the song again, skipping the first time you sing the state and capital, then singing it the second time. This allows you to immediately hear if you were right. That was my kids' favorite part. They turned each capitals test into a competition to see who could get the most correct.

Geography isn't my children's favorite subject. Well, let me be fair. They enjoy learning about the world and other countries, in a way that's enjoyable and natural to them. They enjoy looking at the maps in our school room, flipping through colorful atlases, and playing with a talking globe that we bought. If a country catches their interest, they want to find it on the map and learn about it. So far, they haven't found a geography textbook that they really enjoy. Filling in state and country names on maps has been equated to pulling out their fingernails. Obviously, anything that makes geography fun and memorable is going to be a hit with me.

After seeing my kids' reaction to the States and Capitals DVD, I want to buy the Geography Songs CD from Audio Memory. Watching the States and Capitals Songs helped my children (and myself) memorize the states, their capitals, and their locations in an easy and enjoyable way. We'll find room in the budget for the Geography Songs CD, too.

-Product review by April Elstrom, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2016