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Character in Action- Taking the Next Steps Review by Latonya Moore

Marilyn Boyer and Kelley Boyer
The Learning Parent
(434) 845-8345
2430 Sunnymeade Road
Rustburg, VA 24588

Character in Action- Taking the Next Steps is a hardcover reader which is a compilation of stories that share a variety of ways “the Cousins” are living out positive character.

About Character in Action- Taking the Next Steps

The reader has 14 chapters which focuses on the ways children can put their character into action such as being creative, sensitive, responsible, generous, hospitable, and decisive. Each chapter begins with an explanation of the topic and a scripture that is related to the topic. For example, the chapter, “Kindness in Action”, begins with the explanation, “Kindness is looking for ways to be nice to someone or show them that you care.”  The scripture for this chapter is Ephesians 4:32, “Be ye kind one to another.” 

The stories throughout Character in Action- Taking the Next Steps come from the experiences of “the Cousins” who are children that are taking actions to be more compassionate, grateful, and available.  The events of the stories take place throughout their community.  The children are accompanied by adults in a variety of situations where they are able to share the Gospel.  In the chapter, “Compassion in Action”, Luke and Melody attend a pro-life rally.  During this experience, they were showing compassion to the unborn fetuses while also being respectful to those who were not a part of the rally. 

The real life stories of throughout Character in Action gives parents and children a starting point to begin discussions about the ways they can live out their beliefs.  Each chapter ends with five to six suggestions for taking the next steps.  In the chapter, “Compassion in Action”, one next step idea is to volunteer and become more involved in the homeless community by donating time and effort to the local Salvation Army or another similar organization.

Character in Action- Taking the Next Steps offers practical ideas while sharing what it looks like in the life of one family.

-Product Review by Latonya Moore, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2016