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Owlegories Vol. 3: The Fire, The Duck, The Seasons DVD Review by Deanna Jasper

Thomas Boto
(817) 601-7024
1540 Keller Parkway, Suite 108 #119
Keller, TX 76289

The third DVD from Owlegories continues the colorful, cute animated adventures of five young owls named Violet, Gus, Joey, Nora, and Twitch. Each episode focuses on an aspect of God, looking at nature to learn more about Him. The five young owls go to “Theowlogy” class with a Professor who guides them by sending them on specific adventures.  In the “owl pledge” they say before each class, they recite the theme of the series: “God's nature is all around us if we look through heaven's eyes.” As they travel on their adventures, they come up against Devlin, a greedy, trouble-making owl who is continually out to thwart their plans and steal what they are trying to find for the Professor. After each episode there is a short, non-animated message to drive the point of the story a little deeper.

In “The Fire,” the young owls are sent to an ancient refinery to find out how to turn ore into pure gold and discover three ways that God is like fire. They learn that fire overcomes the darkness like God lights our way through life. As fire removes impurities from gold, God purifies and refines us. And God is a consuming fire, all-powerful, righteous, and holy (Hebrews 12:29). 

The second episode, “The Duck,” the young owls learn about how God gives each of us gifts, which we can use to serve others (1 Peter 4:10). Sent by the Professor to a swamp to find “the three greatest gifts of all time, they meet an old friend of the Professor, a duck they call “Uncle Fly,” who helps them see how God has given us life, salvation through Jesus, and community, and He intends for us to use our gifts to work together for His glory and to serve others. 

Finally, in “The Seasons,” the owls learn that there is a time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1). The Professor sends them to find out three things followers of Christ can learn from the seasons. They discover that God is in control of everything, time goes by quickly so we should enjoy each season to the fullest, and the seasons are a picture of the life of a believer in Christ. Each year as the seasons go by, we are reminded that God turns death into life and makes all things new.

My kids (ages 2-8) all love Owlegories and eagerly anticipate each new DVD. They get a little impatient with the messages after each episode, but I appreciate the extra bit of teaching, and these clips are short enough that the kids don't completely lose interest in watching. The rest of the episodes are so entertaining and so much fun, they sing along and laugh their way through the DVD, not even realizing how much they're learning about God in the process.

—Product review by Deanna Jasper, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, November, 2016