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Brinkman Adventures Season 4 Review by Adrienne Falkena

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Our family first learned of Brinkman Adventures with Season 3, when my children fell in love with this very mission-minded family and went along with them on their many adventures. If compact discs can be worn out, our copy of Season 3 would be toast. We just received Season 4 for review - another set of five CDs, with three episodes each lasting about 25 minutes. The set of four CDs, containing a total of twelve episodes, or 5+ hours of listening time. It is currently on sale for $27.99, regularly $34.99, or is available via emailed link to download for $18.99.

Each story is acted out, with voices, sound effects, and music. They entertain even the youngest of my children and are very well done. Some of the stories have an age warning, cautioning against children younger than ten listening alone. Each of my children from ages 13 to age 2, listen with rapt attention, and I didn't find the “scary” ones to be objectionable for my children, though I did find out later my children had listened to one such episode at bedtime and my sensitive five year old climbed into bed with an older sister the first time she heard “Aisha's Fear”.

Season 4 has Nhu, a Cambodian girl, who actually did her own parts in her stories. She was sold as a slave, saved by Carl Ralston, and now helps to run a shelter home called Remember Nhu, helping rescued slave girls. In yet another story, Kitri and her mom Susan travel to the Remember Nhu home in Cambodia with sewing machines for the girls there. Kitri accidentally reveals the identity of one of the slave girls to a man looking for the girl, and they must fight to save her. In another story we learned of “Nick Ripkin”, an assumed name to protect his identity as a missionary in a dangerous area. “Nick” is a missionary to many countries, who spoke of God's provision in his travels and working with new Christians, teaching them how to live in a Muslim country. Another story was a somewhat comical fictional account about robots and raccoons and following through with what you've started and keeping your word.

The kids each have their favorite episode, and can go into great detail telling the stories that they've come to love. I love that they learn Godly values and of the struggles others go through for the sake of the gospel. Brinkman Adventures has earned a place of high value in our home, and I have recommended them to many friends without reservation.

—Product review by Adrienne Falkena, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2016