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Lilla Rose Hair Clips Review by Kelly Burgess

Jackie Adams, Independent Lilla Rose Consultant
Lilla Rose, Inc.
(859) 653-5475

The Flexi clips from Lilla Rose are a truly unique and remarkable product! I'd always heard positive things about them, but I never realized how innovative they were until I received the extra-small Rosaline and the large Heart Bouquet clips to try out for myself. 

Prices range from approximately $11 to $28, and the Flexi clips range in size from extra-extra-small (XXS) to extra-extra-large (XXL). They also come in your choice of left- or right-handed versions!

My daughter and I both had long hair, as we'd been growing it out for over two years. Then at just about the time I received these clips, I had eight inches cut from mine to just below shoulder level, and my daughter had about six inches cut from hers to about mid-back length in preparation for the hot summer weather. I was concerned that perhaps my hair wouldn't be long enough to use the clip properly, but low and behold, they are so easy to use that I was able to use it without any problem at all!

In fact, because I didn't have as much hair left to gather, I found that the XS Rosaline Flexi clip was the perfect size for my shorter style. I found myself wearing it regularly to church services to gather my hair at the neck, because its beautiful pearl accents added an elegant style to my dresses. I was duly impressed with how well it clung to my hair rather than slowly working its way out as all other clips had done for me in the past. I love metal hair clips, but up until now, I'd found the weight of them would cause them to repeatedly slip out of my hair. I was very pleased to no longer have that problem! In addition, the design of how the clips fasten in your hair is so unique...I've never seen anything like it before! Rather than a spring-hinged barrette-style fastener, it has a sliding pin that clicks into place at just the right tightness for your particular hair, as it has multiple notches that make it easily adjustable. This made it the easiest clip I've ever tried for both inserting and removing from my hair!

As for my daughter, she still has much more length than I do. There was a little instruction sheet that came with the clips that showed how to use them to create various fast and simple hairstyles. I actually found a series of demonstration videos online that showed how to create various styles with the Flexi clips, as well, and it was amazing how fast you could create an elegant up-do with one of these! My daughter needed the large clip to accommodate the amount of hair she has, so it was great that we received a couple of different sizes to try out, and it's wonderful that there are so many sizes and styles to choose from so you can find just the right clip for you!

Another thing I noticed about these clips is that they feel very solid and sturdy in your hands. Many inexpensive clips I've had in the past have not lasted long at all before the fastener would break or bend. I have no worries at all about the Flexi clip, because it is solidly made, and the beading is strung together with piano wire! Now that's strong!

I have every confidence that these clips will serve us well for many years to come. After browsing the selections on the website, I'm already daydreaming about adding more styles of Flexi clips to our collection to complement every color and style of outfit in my wardrobe!

The site gives simple instructions on how to measure your hair to determine the right size of clip for you, so check it out today! They even offer limited editions for holidays and special occasions.

-Product review by Kelly Burgess, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2016