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Geography Songs, Book and CD Review by Tanya Wright

Kathy Trowel
Audio Memory

This is it. This is an amazingly awesome product called, Geography Songs, Book and CD, from Audio Memory. I am very happy not only to review it, but also recommend it! This is an awesome set of geography songs for kids. It is amazing how much children will learn and memorize if put into song. Would you believe it if I told you that my four and six year-olds know all of the countries of Africa, know the countries in Western Africa, and even the central states in the United States? Read on and find out how!

Statistically, high school graduates don't know how to find places on the globe. Most of my freshmen friends in college would ask me where in Europe Argentina is located, when I told them that my family lived there. I couldn't believe that. That is just one question that I was asked numerous times. So when I had children, I was determined that my children would not be like that.

Geography Songs, Book and CD, by Kathy Trowel is, hands down, amazing. It is like a treasure in a compact package. And trust me; this comes from a former public and private school teacher, and a homeschooling momma whose favorite subject is geography. You get a book, a CD and a huge black-and-white world map.

The map is fantastic! It has many countries labeled, but what is so neat about it is that it also has the lyrics to most of the songs! It is so easy for us to follow along with the songs as they play while we point at the countries on the map. And I have a fantastic plan; I will laminate the map so we can mark it up with dry erase markers. Isn't that awesome?!

This set of awesome Geography songs for kids also has a book. The book comes with a copy of all the songs on the CD and also pages with pictures and information about the countries/areas. We LOVE that! There are so many educational pages that reinforce the learning of the different places on this beautiful planet.

We are able to make copies of the pages in the book, so the possibilities are endless! I have made copies to mark the pages and then color them. I have also put some in clear sheet protectors to use dry erase markers. Like I said, this is an amazing set! I just cannot say enough nice things about it. The songs on the CD are great. They have catchy tunes and make you want to dance as you sing along. My children love it when I surprise them daily by playing it either during breakfast or during lunch or in the car. Both of them sing along and are learning so much! It is fantastic!

-Product review by Tanya Wright, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2016