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CombiColoRide Review by Karen Waide

Bundle of 7 Hands-On eWorkbooks
Physical book with colored tabs and clips and a CDROM
FeedBack Cards, Inc.
(732) 605-0956
1412 Stone Ridge Cir.
Helmetta, NJ 08828

We had the opportunity to review the CombiColoRide Multisensory Workbooks and Cards, which allowed my two older girls (ages 8 and 9) to work on the basic math skills to 100. It is very important to me that the children have their facts memorized so higher math learning is easier for them to compute. These eWorkbooks were a wonderful tool toward accomplishing that goal.

I received a CDROM with seven eWorkbooks in PDF format. I also received a physical book that included two answer cards, one with clips, the other with tabs. The 8 ½ by 5 ½ book has laminated front and back covers, and has 6 instructional pages. The answer cards are stored inside, and the CDROM is stored in a vinyl sleeve in the inside back cover of the book.

The eWorkbooks that are on the CDROM are as follows:

  • Counting to 100
  • Addition and Subtraction to 100 (Level 1)
  • Addition and Subtraction to 100 (Level 2)
  • Multiplication (Level 1)
  • Multiplication (Level 2)
  • Division (Level 1)
  • Division (Level 2)

The first answer card has movable colored clips. This card is used with the Counting to 100 and all the Level 1 books. There are eight see through, plastic clips, with two of each color (red, yellow, green, and blue). These are stored at the bottom of the card. When answering the questions they are moved to the top of the card.

The second answer card has movable, colored tabs. This card is used with the Level 2 books. There are 12 flexible tabs, with 3 of each color (red, yellow, green, and blue). Eight tabs are needed for answering questions, while the other four are extras. These tabs are stored on the top of the card, flexed between two rows of holes. One end of the tab fits in the top and the other end fits in the bottom. They then lie flat against the card, while the ends help to secure them in place.

In order to use the eWorkbook, the CDROM needs to be inserted into the computer. Choose the book you want your child to work in, click on it, and it will open it up right on the screen. The Level 1 workbooks are 49 pages long, with 40 of those pages being devoted to questions and answer keys. The Level 2 books are 20 pages long, with 14 pages being devoted to questions and answers. This means there are 20 pages of Level 1 questions and 7 pages of Level 2 questions.

Each question page in Level 1 has 8 problems to be solved along with a color coded answer box or two. The child is to look at each individual problem, solve it, and find the correct answer in the answer box. Each answer will correspond to a colored clip, which the child then removes from the bottom of the page and places into the correct position on the top of the card. The Level 2 books follow the same concept, but the answers for each problem are below the question in multiple choice format.

When the child has completed the page, they just need to scroll down to the next page and check their answers. Correct answers will match the colors of the clips/tabs to the colors on the screen. Simple as that. The beginning of each book starts with easier problems, and they get harder as you go through the book.

With these books, the child is able to check his or her work and get immediate feedback, correcting their answers if necessary. This is a wonderful tool for allowing children to learn independently. No pen or pencil, just movable clips and tabs, means that the book can be used over and over again, giving one child many opportunities to practice, and allowing the parent to have a tool that will work for additional children down the line.

The ColoRide workbooks and cards are a wonderful, hands-on tool for children to practice with. Just to clarify, these books do not actually teach these concepts. The child needs to understand what they are being asked and understand how to solve.

I definitely recommend the CombiColoRide book and eWorkbooks.

-Product review by Karen Waide, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2016