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Smart Kids Learn Their Alphabet (AMAZON APP) and Smart Kids Learn Their Math Facts (AMAZON APP) Review by Jen Altman

Smart Kids Learn Their Alphabet and Smart Kids Learn Their Math Facts are simplistic apps available through the Amazon App Store for Kindles.  These apps are also on available in the Google Play Store, and can be used with any android device.  They were designed by a fellow homeschooling mom to aid in the teaching her own children.  Smart Kids Learn Their Alphabet, includes both upper and lower case alphabets.  Your child is able to trace each letter, while the app identifies the letter.  The choice of writing in blue, red or yellow is given. Whichever color you choose, the next letter also appears in that color. However, there is now correction factor, you can scribble on the letter and you receive the same results. This may be a benefit for some, while others may find it as a negative feature. A few issues I found were, the lowercase letter “a” is written in a type written alphabet (as shown here), as opposed to actual alphabet a child learns. Also, some of the below the line letters (p, q, etc.) are cut of at the bottom.

Smart Kids Learn Their Math Facts is similar in appearance to the alphabet app.  You may choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication or division facts.  Additionally, you may chooser random facts, or to focus on a particular number.  After making your choice as to which math facts you would like to practice, the math fact appears and you are able to type in your answer.  After typing in your answer, you must select Submit Answer and then you are told if the answer was correct or if you need to try again.  You have the option of seeing the answer, but this option can be disabled if you wish, though the disable button can be unchecked easily by the child. After submitting the answer, either right or wrong, you need to press Next Fact to go to the next problem.

The apps are each $.99 cents, and for the cost, I think they serve the purpose for which they are designed. There are no bells or whistles, they are straight forward, simple, and to the point.

-Product review by Jen Altman, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2016