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Juxtabo Review by Jacquelin Caffey

Funnybone Toys
1-855-FUNBONE (386-2663)

We like playing games at our house. Whether it’s on family game night, or just a friendly game of tic-tac-toe with spelling words, we love a good game. That’s why I was so excited to get my hands on the new game, Juxtabo, from Funnybone Toys.

Juxtabo is a fun 3D game that involves stacking colorful circular tiles while matching the same pattern on the included challenge cards. The board and play is different with each game you play because you create the board during playtime and it transforms into a colorful growing mountain range. The double sided plastic pieces are colorful and a bit bigger than a quarter.

Juxtabo has won many awards including the 2015 Game of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine and many more. Everything is neatly contained in a sturdy rectangular cardboard box and the 126 Juxtabo pieces are stored in a canvas drawstring bag.  Also included are 125 game challenge cards with 8 card holders, a timer, and a rules booklet in full color. The target audience for Juxtabo is intended for those aged 6-99, but I am pretty sure if your 100 and above you would love it too.  Especially if you like to play games like chess or checkers or even completing puzzles.

We ended up taking this game with us on our recent family beach vacation. It was the perfect game to pull out after a long day spent in the surf and sand. I loved that everyone could play the game, even my youngest daughter who was six at the time. My 2-year-old kept himself busy with a few challenge cards and a stack of Juxtabo pieces of his own. While we played the game he played with his pieces stacking them and lining them up. Once we returned home from vacation I found that I could repurpose the game challenge card and colorful pieces and use them as counters in math and for helping my son to learn his colors and for making patterns.

I love that this game is able to be used in the way it is intended and also as a math manipulative. It’s doing double duty for the low price of $29.99. I think this would be the perfect addition to any game cabinet especially for all that you get in the box and the extra uses. Be sure to check it out for yourself!

—Product review by Jacquelin Caffey, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2016