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Language Tune-Up Kit At Home Review by Jen Altman

JWor Enterprises, Inc.
4254 Marland Dr
Columbus, OH 43224

Language Tune-Up Kit At Home is a computer based reading program, specifically designed for children with dyslexia, or other learning challenges, for home use. It is recommended for ages six through adults. This is a program that is installed onto your computer (via CD-ROM) and does not require internet access to use.  It is necessary to disarm your anti-virus when installing, which I wasn’t very comfortable with, but it installed without any issues. It comes with the User Guide (a printed booklet) and a small spiral bound book of cards.  The card deck has letters and letter combos with pictures to aide in remembering sounds. The program allows for two dedicated users at a time.

The lessons include recording one’s voice, so a headset with a microphone is recommended. My son enjoyed listening to himself, and typically used a silly voice when doing so, but that’s okay; it made it fun.  I really like the recording and playback part of the lessons, because I think it actually helps with reading to be able to hear yourself. In order to record, one must right click on the microphone and hold while recording.  I had to assist my son, as he had trouble doing it on his own. I do believe that the recording portion is what truly sets this product apart from others. It’s all part of the multi-sensory approach, which makes it such a great program.

The only issues I had with this program is that it runs a tad slow, so it requires some patience.  You can’t click through to the next thing, until it is ready (hour glass stops spinning).

There is a placement test in the beginning to find the best starting point for you or your child. The program is easy to navigate, the appearance of it is older in style, however, but simple is sometimes better. The program should be used 3-4 times a week for about 30 minutes each time, for maximum benefit. 

-Product review by Jen Altman, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, October, 2016