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10 Minute Time Outs for Moms Review by Teri Lucas

By Grace Fox
Harvest House Publishers

Goliath might seem big and strong,
But his existence won’t be long.
When you call on the living God,
He fights, He wins, and nations stand to applaud!
Admit to God your terrified;
He’ll stand up for you, He’s on your side.
The nature of the battle says it’s true-
His extraordinary power works for you!
Where does your focus lie?
Are looking at Goliath or the God whom he defies?
Where does your focus lie?
How will God be glorified if you’re looking at Goliath and believing Satan’s lies?
Where does your focus lie?
Don’t fall for lies when the odds are overwhelming,
Don’t fall for lies when the stats are looking grim.
Believe the truth, don’t fall for the lies, Courage and victory come from Him!
Goliath by Grace Fox (excerpted from 10 Minute Time Outs for Moms)

10 Minute Time Outs for Moms is a lovely devotional geared mainly to new mothers and mothers with children at home, but also is appropriate for the many grandmothers who now find themselves raising a second family. Each devotion opens with a Scriptural focus and a prayer. This is followed by a practical insight or application, usually from the author’s own experience. Concluding the devotion is a brief prayer with a suggested activity, and a prayer for someone other than the reader. Finally, there is another Scripture highlighted with much the same theme.

If you are struggling with trying to be the perfect mother or know someone who is struggling in this area, let God transform your fear into courage. Two themes are carried throughout this devotional. The first is that God is the perfect One. Let Him be just that. The second is that He loves you, He knows you, and He is with you. Through Him you can be victorious!

10 Minute Time Outs for Moms will refresh and encourage your spirit.

-- Product Review by: Teri Lucas, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine