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Creall Supersoft Modeling Material Review by Renita Kuehner


We go through a lot of modeling dough and other air dry modeling materials. I am not a fan of modeling dough time. I get very tired of finding beads of it laying all over the floor when it breaks off as the girls create. I also get tired of the nasty smell that we need to smell with every creation. So I was really excited to get an opportunity to try out Supersoft Modeling material ($17.99) from Creall.

Creall has created a modeling clay that is super soft, but yet not sticky like other clays. It doesn’t dry out, even if left out. It is wonderful for even the youngest clay users, since it is non-toxic. And the part that I love the most, it is gluten-free! So there is now a modeling dough/clay for those young ones (and us older ones) with gluten sensitivity/allergies.

The buckets arrived with 5 colors in each bucket.  We had an assortment of red, green, blue, yellow, and white. I dislike having a lot of small containers to store, so this was an added bonus for me. It was easy to store. The buckets are strong and simple for the kids to open once you break the seal.

Caty and I were planning out some projects, and then we decided to let our Cloverbud friends try the Creall Supersoft Modeling material out at a meeting alongside us.  Our group was studying honeybees and the importance of them in our food chain. The plan was for each child to build their own honeybee. The kids had so much fun building their bees that they did not stop there. They really had a great time playing with the Creall Supersoft Modeling material.

It was a very different texture than we were used to with other clays. The Creall Supersoft Modeling material has almost a waxy type feel. It’s very smooth and the kids didn’t seem to have any trouble rolling it out and sculpting with it.

After playing for a good 30 minutes making their creations, there were no stained hands! They had a very soft feel and felt a bit waxy, but they were not stained. Caty didn’t have clay under her fingernails. There also was not a nasty smell! This was a big bonus for me!

Clean-up was also super easy. I simply wiped down the table like we normally would after a club meeting. I didn’t need to scrub off the dough or clay from the table. All the kids were very happy and had a lot of fun creating.

The colors do mix together, and they do so easily. And like other typical doughs and clays, once mixed they do not easily separate. 

The kids really liked this. I really liked Creall Supersoft Modeling Material also.  Caty’s clay creations have been sitting on the shelf and they have not dried out at all. They are still soft, but they have kept their shape. This is great because we all know getting caps on their clay containers is not something kids are good at! Then you have dried out dough when they want to play with it. So this is a great money-saving bonus.

Caty has really liked using Creall Supersoft Modeling Material.  All the kids really liked it. Creall Supersoft Modeling Material comes in a variety of colors. They also do offer air dry modeling clay if you are looking for materials to use for building projects or school projects. 

I am super impressed with Creall Supersoft Modeling Material. The ease of clean-up, the allergen-friendly material that allows me to play with the kids, and we can’t forget the cost-savings of the materials not drying out. I cannot wait to order more for our projects in a wide variety of colors.

-Product review by Renita Kuehner, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September, 2016