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When Calls the Heart: Troubled Hearts (DVD) Review by Jennifer Smeltser

Edify Media, Inc.
(310) 424-5688
707 East 29th Avenue
Spokane, Washington 99203

As a homeschool mommy, it feels like my life is always busy. Downtime is just something that does not seem to happen often enough. When it does, a nice book is something to enjoy. Other times, just spending mindless time - no lesson planning, no required reading - is what I like to do. That is when getting comfortable in my bed and finding something entertaining to watch is my first choice. One of my favorite television series to watch has been When Calls the Heart, which is based on the original novel of the same title by author Janette Oke. It tells the story of school teacher Elizabeth Thatcher, a privileged woman, who takes a teaching position in the small mining town of Hope Valley (formerly named Coal Valley).

The series is now in its third year and the When Calls the Heart: Troubled Hearts DVD is the compilation of all of the episodes from season three. If you know anything about Janette Oke, you know she writes romances novels that make your heart swoon. If you are one who enjoys that type of content, the series will definitely please you. With a running time of 84 minutes, viewers are able to watch a summary of all nine episodes to quickly bring them up to date. All of the familiar characters from the series return like Elizabeth Thatcher, Abigail Stanton, Bill Avery and of course, Canadian Mountie Jack Thornton. Along with the familiar faces, storylines have begun to include more characters like Rosemarie and Lee, and Pastor Frank, who were introduced later in the series. Regular viewers will begin to see a sense of cohesion with all of the characters who are now regular cast members.

There are a number of developing storylines in Hope Valley, which sits on the Canadian frontier, that keep the audience interested. The ongoing romance of Elizabeth and Jack continues, but not without a little bit of drama. Rosemarie, who once was the biggest threat to Elizabeth’s and Jack’s relationship, and probably the most hated woman by fans of the series, becomes an adorable and much loved character. Pastor Frank has a secret that could destroy his position in the community as well as his relationship with Abigail.

If you have not seen the previous seasons of the series, you will still be able to enjoy watching the movie. When Calls the Heart: Troubled Hearts pulls key moments from the season and weaves them well into a good movie. The only thing is if you have not seen episodes from the previous seasons, you miss out on a treat. If you have seen any other Oke books brought to television by Hallmark, you know it does a great job. The movie is one you can watch with your children. You do not have to be concerned with inappropriate content. The need to mute the sound or cover eyes for the fear of something offensive crossing the screen or being said does not happen. It is nice to be able to watch the relationships blossom between key characters and not blush at their behavior.

When Calls the Heart: Troubled Hearts is your typical Hollywood romance (beautiful girl and handsome boy) brought to screen, but without all of the lustful behavior. The language is respectable, the stories are engaging and you will be able to enjoy watching the movie together as a family.

-Product review by Jennifer Smeltser, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September, 2016