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Hangar One: 1932 to 2014 and Beyond (paperback book) Review by Amanda Hopkins

Leslie Anne Perry

Have you heard of Hanger One? Hanger One is located at Moffett Field in Mountain View, California. Hanger One was built in 1932-33 to house the enormous dirigible, the USS Macon. Leslie Anne Perry takes us on the journey of this Hanger from beginning to end in this short, 40-page paperback book.

This book starts off with telling us about the building of Hanger One, The original occupant of the hanger was the USS Macon, yet it has been used for many other things including being passed over to NASA. We find out about the finding of hazardous materials and the work to clean these up. Finally, we find out about Google’s proposal to lease Hanger One and other portions of Moffett Field.

Leslie Anne Perry has written a great easy to read book about Hanger One. She pulls up information and puts it together in a great way. This book has a great run down on the history of the hanger with a timeline showing us all the major events. She has even pulled up pictures of the hanger.

We loved reading this book as we were learning about this time period in our history lessons. It was nice to read a simple book that yet describes this part of history in detail. After my 15-year-old read this book, I had to see what could get him to finish a “school” book in under 30 minutes. I was hooked. I was also able to finish it quickly while enjoying it. I passed it along to my husband, who doesn’t like reading, yet I watched him read it from beginning to end!

We loved the simple reading of this book and the amount of information it held in those few pages. We are looking forward to reading more of Leslie Anne Perry’s books and all that they hold.

-Product review by Amanda Hopkins, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September, 2016