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No Fear Review by Erica Beyea

Tony Perkins
WaterBrook Press
12265 Oracle Blvd., Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Author and family advocate Tony Perkins has gathered a collection of inspiring stories of Christians standing for the faith in our modern hedonistic culture. These stories tell the details of brave young people who have faced cultural clashes while standing for Biblical and conservative Christian principles, despite criticism, taunting, and even legal challenges from the media, government, and society in general.

This 186 page book begins with a brief biographical sketch of Tony Perkins. It sets the tone for the book by explaining the moral authority Tony has to write on this subject. The following pages challenge believers to allow their faith to grow and conquer their fears, using the stories of not only modern day ‘regular’ people, but also Biblical heroes who faced legitimately fearful situations yet emerged victorious.

Each chapter highlights a different story, telling the background and explaining the challenge that was faced. Topics include abortion, homosexuality, and public prayer, amongst others. The book clearly defines the Biblical perspective on the topic, while exploring the thoughts and intents of the person who stood for right in the face of fiery challenges.

At the end of each chapter, after the modern story is told, a parallel is drawn to a Biblical hero of the faith who also exemplified courage while defending a similar principle. Because we know how the Biblical stories turned out, we may not even consider the legitimate fear those ancient believers experienced living out their circumstances – yet their stories are also there for our learning and example to follow. They too, lived out their faith in a culture that rejected their beliefs.

Each chapter has several questions at the end that help the reader to ponder the principle that was discussed, and can be used for personal reflection or group discussion. This book would be an excellent tool for a high school or young adult age group story, or personal devotion book. Each chapter is self-contained.

In our family we have high school and college age young people, and we frequently discuss current cultural topics as they come up in the media. We have enjoyed reading this book and learning the background of stories that have already been familiar from following them in the media. It has been inspiring to hear from the believers themselves, explaining how they chose to live their convictions, and how they have conquered the fears that they experienced from the backlash received for it. These stories have helped strengthen the resolve of my young people to continue standing for their faith in a culture that rejects it, reinforcing the fact that there are still many Christians who are willing to take a stand.

I highly recommend this book especially for high school students, but also for any believer who would enjoy reading about modern day courageous faith.

-Product review by Erica Beyea, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September, 2016