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Groovy Girl Dolls Review by Audrey Tolle

The Manhattan Toy Company
(800) 541-1345
300 First Avenue North, Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55401

As a mom of young girls, I have struggled with purchasing appropriate dolls and make-believe toys for their imaginative play. Many store shelves are lined with toy dolls and princesses that are full-figured and/or anorexic looking that have no basis in our reality. You can imagine my delight to discover a line of dolls that are just good, clean fun, but that also allow the imagination of young children to run wild.

I was first introduced to the Groovy Girl Doll line about six months ago when a friend at church brought a bag of hand-me-down toys for my girls that included several Groovy Girl dolls, the car, and the tent. They were an instant delight to my family. I was then thrilled to have the opportunity to review the newest additions to the Groovy Girl line, “Fairybelle, Melissa the Butterfly Ballerina”, and the “Lily” fashion doll.

What I love about Groovy Girl dolls is that they are soft, durable dolls, with clothes that fit loose enough to take on and off without fighting the fabric to get the doll in. They are easily Velcro-ed on and off. There is a wide variety in the dolls that are available for purchase as far as hair/eye color, skin tone, and talents/interests. The Manhattan Toy Company says that this “one-of-a-kind line of dolls and accessories reflect and appeal to a girls sense of fashion and style as well as her many interests.”  There are other fashion outfits and accessories available for purchase for these dolls, but they are also great as stand-alone toys. These plush dolls are 13 inches tall which is just right for girls wanting to take them along on errands. Not too large where they are cumbersome, not to small where they may get forgotten and lost. Each doll has a uniquely embroidered face and expression and soft, yarn hair. The legs are floppy so that they can easily sit down and the arms are very pliable as well. 

The price point of the Groovy Girl dolls on the Manhattan Toy Company website is $15-$20 per doll. In my opinion, that is a very fair price for these dolls considering how well they are made when comparing to other toy store dolls that run the same price or more. Our infant has tugged and tugged at the yarn hair and has yet to set one free. There are no ripped outfits after countless hours of taking them on and off.  These dolls will stand up to attention given to them.

The Groovy Girl dolls are darling. There is a sweetness and purity about them that make me want to recommend them to any parent of young girls.  I am confident that they will be a hit in your home as well. 

-Product review by Audrey Tolle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August, 2016