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Overtaken By Destiny (A Destiny Among Worlds, Book One) Review by Erica Beyea

Joseph Hale
Hale Family Authors

Overtaken By Destiny is the product of a sibling team: author Joseph, and editors Ian and Vanessa Hale. It is a 500 page fictional allegory describing a detailed adventure experienced by three teenage boys. All their lives, Jack, Ben, and Charles have been best friends, sharing education and experiences. Their strong relationship serves them well as they are mysteriously whisked into a parallel world that seems quite primitive, where they are forced to band together and fight for their very survival while they try to decipher the purpose of their existence in this ‘other’ world, and devise a plan to get back home to their families.

Along the journey, they discover much about themselves: their character, dreams, and goals. Their bond of friendship grows stronger as they battle evil warlords, ancient customs, strange creatures, and fears from within. They use their intelligence and training (which seems far superior to that which they are exposed to in this new world) to right injustices, overcome evil, rescue the hurting, and reconcile divided parties.

This is a classic tale of good versus evil, where righteousness and justice always prevail in the end, though at times the reader is left to wonder and hope if it truly will be so.

Although this story relies heavily on magic and fantasy to carry the plot, it is clear that the magic is fictitious and thus carries an innocent rather than ominous tone. On their journey to knighthood and their hopeful return back to America, the boys do have to kill enemies to save their own lives, but these scenes are described in a neutral way, and not with graphic violence. A young love interest is handed with propriety and chivalry.

Overall, I found the book mildly intriguing and a bit repetitive at first, but as the action continued and the plot deepened, I became fully engrossed until the surprising twist at the very end. This book conveys adventure with a refreshing innocence. It emphasizes virtues of strong character and loyalty. Reading a complex novel that is free of profanity and filth allows the reader to experience the story firsthand without distractions, and parents can allow their young people to enjoy the novel without the need to censor or explain compromising words or situations. This book would be perfect for young people or adults who enjoy adventure, medieval-style fiction, and fantasy novels.

Overtaken By Destiny is the first book in a planned four part series. I look forward to continuing the adventure in the next book.

-Product review by Erica Beyea, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August, 2016