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Circle Unbroken: A Gullah Journey from Africa to America (DVD) Review by Latonya Moore

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Charleston, SC 29413

Circle Unbroken A Gullah Journey is a 55 minute DVD which focuses on the history and preservation of the Gullah culture. Gullah is an African American culture which was formed by the descendants of enslaved Africans. Gullah culture is primarily observed in South Carolina and other southern states.  The setting of Circle Unbroken is in the state of South Carolina.

Circle Unbroken takes the viewer on a journey of the African American from the days of Africa to becoming enslaved people in America and the days after. The video is a combination of still illustrations for visual reference and reenactments. The reenactments causes one to think about the way life was during the time of the first Gullah people, and they shared details about where many African American traditions and songs first began like the jumping of the broom tradition.

Although Circle Unbroken primarily speaks about the Gullah culture which many African Americans are descendants, it also sheds light on the lives of Americans in the earlier days of the country. Overall, I found the film interesting and educational and so did my eight year old daughter. She watched the film from start to finish and also asked many engaging questions. This DVD helped bring history alive and gentle yet informational way which I appreciate.  I am looking forward to watching it again with my oldest daughter.

-Product review by Latonya Moore, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, August, 2016