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Exambusters Digital Study Cards Review by Erica Beyea

Ace Academics, Inc. / Two Poles Press, LLC
Bergenfield, NJ 07621

Perfect for a small group, tutoring situation, or a student who is reviewing in preparation for a test, Exambusters has developed an entire line of digital flash cards covering a wide range of topics in Math, Language, History, and Science. The questions on these cards are compiled by teachers, professors, and educators- people who are well versed in their field, and who regularly teach in a classroom setting or write questions for exams.

We were given the opportunity to review three different sets of digital flash cards that came in eBook format, which can be used either on the computer or on an e-reader device. Each set of flashcards contains an index with chapter titles listed, and contained two cards per page. The individually numbered questions are on the right side of the page, and the corresponding answer is on the left side of the following page, making it easy to quickly flip through and review the questions in order. Some flashcards include illustrations where appropriate.

Though there is a wide variety of eBooks available, I will briefly discuss the three we reviewed: MCAT Biology, MCAT Physics, and AP US History.

The Exambusters MCAT Biology is one of a series of review materials to help prepare college students who are taking the MCAT exam. (Medical College Admission Test). Biology is a very broad subject, encompassing all plant, animal, and human life. This eBook had 511 questions in fifteen chapters, reviewing all relevant questions that might be found on the MCAT exam, including those pertaining to Biochemistry, Cells, Evolution/classification, plant/animal/bacteria kingdoms, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Genetics, and Ecology. We found the questions to be comprehensive, up-to-date, and covering actual MCAT topics. A student who is in an undergraduate level pre-med course should be familiar with all the questions and answers, so this makes a very thorough review.

The MCAT Physics eBook has 618 questions over eleven chapters, covering all areas of matter and motion, including measurement, force, work, energy, heat, gases, atoms, fluids, sound, light, optics, DC and AC circuits, and magnetism. Many of the questions had actual problems with the solution and formula given in the answer, to demonstrate how the problem was solved. We found this to be a very helpful explanation to understanding the question and the problem presented, and not just memorizing facts for a test.

For the high school level, we looked over the AP US History eBook. This eBook contained 846 questions in nineteen chapters, delving into American history from the early days of discovery and explorers, all the way to modern history and current events. We found the questions to be easy to read, detailed, and very relevant to topics covered on the AP US History exam, which one of my daughters took and scored high enough to receive college credit.

At $6.49 per subject, we found these eBooks to be an affordable and thorough way to review and prepare for these very difficult exams. The material was comprehensive, and the cards are clearly written and illustrated, making them very user friendly. We look forward to exploring other titles as the need arises in our family.

-Product review by Erica Beyea, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July, 2016