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No College Debt (eBook) Review by Jennifer Harrison

Ashney Patoka
No College Debt
205 Underwood Road
New Market, TN 37820

No College Debt is an eBook that walks you completely through the process of accelerated distance learning. This method relies primarily on testing for credits. Using CLEP testing and various other methods, one can potentially earn a degree in one year with zero debt.

The author wisely cautions at the very beginning of the book that this method is not for everyone. It requires the student to be a self-motivated learner, someone who does not require micro-managing. A lot of initiative and discipline is needed to complete the goal. Another consideration is the student’s need for interaction. If they are content to study alone, this method is perfect, but if they thrive on group interaction, it is not going to be a good fit.

Accelerated Distance Learning has been the buzzword of Homeschool Conferences for years, but it remains mysterious to many, without the aid of a company to oversee the effort. This book lays out the entire path with variations and options to consider.

The primary methods of earning credits are through testing with CLEP and with DSST. There are additional considerations, but the bulk of credits would be earned through these tests. For each test you take, you earn approximately 3-6 credits that can be applied to your degree. The CLEP test covers primarily 100-200 level courses and the DSST allows you to test out of 300-400 level classes. There are several degrees that can be fully earned with this method.

The cons to using this method are discussed in the book. One concern for some is that students fail to receive the full richness of the college experience. This is a personal preference, and some might argue that completing an expensive 4-year degree from the comfort of home, in one year, for free is a pretty rich experience. Another point to consider is the fact that only 2000 colleges accept the DSST test credits. The small handful of colleges that are highly supportive of this independent testing are shared, with plenty of details for maneuvering their requirements.

The accelerated distance learning method works for people in all stages of life. The author discusses options and timelines for adults and for high school students. Plans are laid out for 1 year, 2 years, or 4 years. Different chapters in this book cover study tips, resources, how to approach the testing, and how to transfer your credits and graduate.

I was relieved to read this book. I have a very motivated learner who is about to graduate early, but who is too young to send off to a university. This method sounds like a perfect fit for him. I have looked into it before, but it was overwhelming to consider. This book wipes away the confusion and lines out all the steps we need to take to proceed.

The cost of this ebook is $49. For an ebook that you can read within an hour, this is possibly the most expensive price-per-page ebook I’ve read. Compared to the prices I’ve looked at to have someone counsel us through this method though, it’s quite cheap. In addition to the help in the book, the author actually does to degree consulting sessions for $100. You can purchase the book and the consulting session for $125.

 This method is not for everyone. It requires dedication and in the end, will cost just under $10,000. Depending on your other college options, this could be quite a savings. It is certainly worth considering that you could potentially save 3 years of study. Not everyone finds that appealing. If you do, I think you’ll find this book very helpful.

-Product review by Jennifer Harrison, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July, 2016