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Mobo Rockabilly Tot Cruiser Review by Leslie Talley

Mobo Cruiser
532 Coralridge Place
City of Industry, CA 91746

The Mobo Rockabilly Tot Cruiser is a fun alternative to your typical 3-wheeled trike. With one large wheel in front and two smaller wheels in the back this compact tricycle brings a whole new level to your child’s cruising adventures. It is a complete product and comes with three “Never Flat Plastic Wheels”, a plastic seat, and a safety flag. The frame is made out of steel and weighs approximately 17 pounds. The product also comes with the tools needed to put the cruiser together.

The Rockabilly Tot Cruiser is intended for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old. It has a five-slot adjustment option so that the cruiser can grow with your child or so that multiple sized children can ride. The weight capacity is 100 pounds and it can accommodate a child between 30” to 42” inches tall. To steer the cruiser you use the padded handle bars situated on either side of the seat. These handlebars connect to the rear wheels making this cruiser a rear-steering trike with a fixed front wheel.

The Rockabilly Tot Cruiser was easy to put together but I did need my husband to tighten the rear wheels. My five children range in age from 15 months to 10.5 years old. Aside from the toddler who just sat on the seat, each child enjoyed riding the cruiser with varying difficulty, speed, and functionality. It was difficult for my 3.5 year old to maneuver the steering as well as peddle. Even on the shortest setting she could not get the cruiser to go very far or very quick. The steering was nearly impossible for her to figure out as well. She is approximately 37 inches. My 5.5 year old, 8 year old and 10.5 year old were all able to peddle the cruiser well. It took them a few tries to figure out the steering though. Once they figured that out they were able to go fast and turn with ease. One thing we noticed was that when the back wheels are turned as far as they can go it acts like a brake and the trike begins to slow down and not turn as well. It appears that the rear wheels don’t line up well with each other when turned and one begins to drag rather than rotate.

The Mobo Rockabilly Tot is a great cruiser that I think would be excellent if a few modifications were made to the steering and wheels. It appears to be made out of good quality materials and has held up to the abuse of four kids.

—Product review by Leslie Talley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, July, 2016